Honors Program Application

You may not save your application and return to it later.  You must fill out the entire application, and upload your essay, in one sitting.  If you prefer to submit your essay separately, please email it to honors@gonzaga.edu.

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Personal Information

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High School Data

Name of High School:
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List any academic honors you have received during high school.
List any Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate examinations you plan to take or have taken. Please write in the scores for the tests you have already taken.
List any SAT II Subject Examinations you plan to take or have taken and scores you have earned.
List any classical or modern foreign languages you studied in high school and for how many years you studied them.


List the name and telephone number of the teacher who has agreed to write a letter of recommendation for you.
Work Phone:
Please inform your teacher that the Director or Coordinator may contact him or her about the letter.

Future Aspirations

Most students at Gonzaga do not declare a major field of study when they first enter the University. Nevertheless, please indicate fields of study or possible careers that interest you. If possible, prioritize these fields.

Family Data

Father's Name:
Highest level of education attained and name of college, if any:
Mother's Name:
Highest level of education attained and name of college, if any:
Number of children in family: Older than you Younger than you
Religious preference of family (optional):
Ethnicity (optional):
Please identify names and relationships of any family members (parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc.) who have attended Gonzaga and the Honors Program (if applicable):

Co-curricular Activities

List the major school clubs or activities in which you participated and for how many years (e.g., Spanish Club - 4 years); also mention if you were an officer.
List any teams or sports organizations in which you were active and for how many years.
If you play a musical instrument or sing in a choir, please list that activity and for how many years you have pursued it.
List any civic honors or special recognition you have received (e.g. Eagle Scout, Gold Award)
If you held any paying jobs in the last two years, please list the employer and kind of work.
List any volunteer or church-related activities you participated in during your high school years.
Mention any hobbies or crafts that you enjoy, such as skiing, dance, theater, photography, etc.


Identify a success or failure you have experienced in a job, in school, during an activity, etc. Write a unified, one page essay in which you analyze the causes or effects of this success or failure. Please upload your essay on the next page after pressing 'Submit'.