Archival Materials - Use

1905 football team
Gonzaga's Junior Yard Association Football Team, 1905


  • Please wash your hands before handling any of the materials
  • All patrons are expected to sign-in on arrival
  • Storage required for briefcases, packs, and other containers.
  • Purses must be placed on floor
  • Locked storage is available for use
  • No food, drink, or tobacco products permitted
  • Quiet Zone no pagers, cell phones, group study


  • Materials must remain within Reading Room
  • Staff-mediated access to all materials


  • Handle all materials with care, on table top only
  • Select a table that is not in direct sunlight, to spare the materials undue exposure to light
  • Only pencils, paper sheets, and laptop computers allowed for note-taking
  • No note-taking or heavy/sharp objects on manuscripts and books
  • Retain arrangement of materials within folders
  • Gloves required with unsleeved photographs


  • Staff-mediated reproduction services only. Standard photocopying for on-site patrons is $.25/ page
  • Digitization of materials by patrons is not permitted, unless by special arrangement
  • Staff may refuse reproduction of certain rare or fragile items

See Use of Photographs for more information on the photographic collections.


  • Permission required to reproduce or cite materials in publication, whether in print or electronic form
  • Specified use conditions will apply

Permission to publish or reproduce any portion of the Gonzaga University Archives Collection requires permission from the Special Collections Department at Gonzaga University.  The user is responsible for all issues of copyright.