Past Exhibit, "Enduring Mission: Gonzaga's First 120 Years"

Inspired by Its Enduring Mission:  Gonzaga University’s First 120 Years, 1887-2007

In the fall of 2007, Gonzaga University celebrates 120 years since its inception in 1887.  Specifically, the College of Arts and Sciences has existed from the beginning.  The following is a historical and pictorial journey during these 120 years showing the growth and development of a small rural college to a large university, who plays an economic role in Spokane, Washington. 
Although physically and financially Gonzaga today does not resemble the institution of 1887, Gonzaga has never lost its primary mission.  As written in the 1887 catalog, Gonzaga’s object is to offer students “the facilities for securing a solid and complete education, based on the principles of religion and calculated to fit them for a successful career in life.”  For 120 years, Gonzaga University continues to offer a quality Jesuit education to its students.

To celebrate Gonzaga University’s 120 Years, a special exhibition of photographs, clippings, and memorabilia of Gonzaga’s history is currently on display in the Special Collections Reading Room at the Foley Center Library. The items have been pulled from Gonzaga University’s Archives.  Click here for More Information about the exhibition.

The following links will take you to pages with highlights from that time period:

Overview: TIMELINE of Key Gonzaga Events

Chapter One: 1887-1895
Chapter Two: 1896-1912
Chapter Three: 1913-1940
Chapter Four: World War II years
Chapter Five: 1946-1960
Chapter Six: 1961-1979
Chapter Seven: 1980-1989
Chapter Eight: 1990-1999
Chapter Nine:  2000-present


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