Past Exhibit, "Inspired Leadership: Gonzaga's Presidents"

During the last 122 years, Gonzaga University's 25 Presidents have steered the University through the ever-changing landscape of higher education. With their steadfast leadership, these visionary leaders have inspired and guided the Gonzaga community through prosperity and challenges. A few of the latter include financial hardships, wars, the admittance of women, campus expansions and an epidemic. Find out who was the longest running President, the only President to serve two nonconsecutive terms and the only layman to serve as President twice.

Fr. Rebmann, et. al
Opening Case

1. & 6. Fr. James Rebmann, S.J. 1887-1890
  • Memorabilia

2. Fr. Charles Mackin, S.J. 1890-1891
  • Certificate of Naturalization

3. Fr. John Rene, S.J. 1891-1893
  • Introduction to Hebrew (1st page)

Fr. Van Gorp, et. al
Right Wall Case

 4. Fr. Leopold Van Gorp, S.J. 1893-1894
  • Physics Journal

5. Fr. Lawrence Palladino, S.J. 1894-1896
  • Various Published Works

Fr. de la Motte, et. al

Left Wall Case

7. Fr. George de la Motte, S.J. 1899-1901
  • Ordination Crucifix

8. Fr. Raphael Crimont, S.J. 1901-1904
  • Bishop Hat and Gloves

9. Fr. Francis Dillon, S.J. 1904-1905
  • News Clipping of His Appointment

10. Fr. Herman Goller, S.J. 1905-1909
  • News Clippings and Letter of Typhoid Epidemic
  • Photograph of Goller Hall (Infirmary)

Fr. Taelman, et. al
1st Square Case

11. Fr. Louis Taelman, S.J. 1909-1913

  • Silver Jubilee Ephemera and Medal
  • Photograph of Taelman Gardens Dedication

12. Fr. James Brogan, S.J. 1913-1920
  • Letters to Fr. Brogan from Students' Parents

13. Fr. John McHugh, S.J. 1920-1921
  • Ordination Certificate

14. Fr. Walter Fitzgerald, S.J. 1921-1927
  • Freshman History Book

Fr. Reidy, et. al

2nd Square Case

15. Fr. Daniel Reidy, S.J. 1927-1930
  • Program of Golden Jubilation as a Jesuit
  • Photograph of Fr. Joseph Cataldo S.J. and Fr. Reidy

16. Fr. John Keep, S.J. 1930-1934
  • News Clipping of His Appointment

17. Fr. Leo Robinson, S.J. 1934-1942
  • Introduction to Sociology with Thought Questions
  • Golden Jubilee of Gonzaga University Pin

18. Fr. Francis Altman, S.J. 1942-1945
  • V-12 Curricula Books
  • Photograph of Fr. Altman and Fr. Arthur Dussault, S.J. with Military Officials on Campus
  • Letter Announcing a Military Ship Named S.S. Gonzaga Victory

Fr. Corkery, et. al
3rd Square Case

19. Fr. Francis Corkery, S.J. 1945-1957
  • News Clippings about the Admittance of Women
  • The President's Autograph Book

20. Fr. Edmund Morton, S.J. 1957-1961
  • Photograph of Inauguration
  • Letter of Congratulations
  • Doctorate Thesis

21. Fr. John Leary, S.J. 1961-1969
  • Various Published Works

22. Fr. Richard Twohy, S.J. 1969-1974
  • News Clipping During His Tenure
  • Plaque given to Fr. Twohy from the Minority Students of Gonzaga University

Fr. Coughlin, et. al
4th Square Case

23. Fr. Bernard Coughlin, S.J. 1974-1996
  • Published Work
  • Chalice from the Spokane Area Chamber of Commerce

24. Fr. Edward Glynn, S.J. 1996-1997
  • Inauguration Ephemera

25. Harry Sladich 1992, 1997-1998
  • News Clipping of His Appointment in 1997

26. Fr. Robert Spitzer, S.J. 1998-2009
  • Inauguration Ephemera
  • Various Capital Campaign Ephemera and Pin
  • Various Published Works

All materials courtesy of Gonzaga University's Special Collections and Jesuit Oregon Province Archives.