James O'Sullivan Papers

James O'Sullivan at
Grand Coulee Dam, Oct. 1939

James O'Sullivan worked on various commissions and committees that built the Grand Coulee Dam in Washington State. The collection contains correspondence, newsclippings, photographs and documents of James O'Sullivan and his work on the Grand Coulee Dam. It contains topics related to water, land reclamation, and dam construction. Also, the collection includes research about the dam done by scholars.


The inventory has been separated into three parts:

James O'Sullivan - Grand Coulee Project Material, Dec. 1936
Includes information on James O'Sullivan and his family members, Charles Leavy, James McGovern, the Columbia River Development League, the Columbia Basin Commission, the Columbia Basin Irrigation Project, and the Grand Coulee Project.

The first section includes the biographical, provenance, and arrangement information.

Grand Coulee Project Material, Jan. 1937 - Newspaper citation indexes
Includes information on the Grand Coulee Project, newsclippings on water topics, photographs, maps and charts, and newspaper citation indexes.

Grand Coulee Dam - Oversize
Includes information on the Grand Coulee Dam, the Columbia Basin Project, Reclamation Project, the Bonneville Power Administration, Harold Ickes, and periodicals. Also includes research about the dam done by George Sundborg and Michael Schultheis. Also contains materials about the dam collected by W. Gale Matthews, and Nat W. Washington. Also includes the Columbia Valley Administration (proposed).

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Grand Coulee under construction, Sept. 1937