Gerard Manley Hopkins Collection

. . . My heart in hiding
Stirred for a bird, -- the achieve of, the mastery of the thing!
The Windhover

Gerard Manley Hopkins portrait
Gerard Manley Hopkins

The Gerard Manley Hopkins Collection originated with the research of Fr. Anthony Bischoff, S.J., for his Yale University doctoral dissertation awarded in 1952. The collection is one of the largest in the United States and among the most distinguished in the world devoted to this poet's work. It contains rare editions of Hopkins' poetry, letters, notes, and journals, as well as writings, letters and memoirs of his colleagues, such as Robert Bridges, Richard Watson Dixon, Coventry Patmore, and others.

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The Library collects materials by or about Hopkins, either printed or in manuscript form. Supporting the research needs of scholars, the collection attempts to make readily available all materials relating to Hopkins and background information. This includes obtaining items either in the original or in facsimile, when it does not infringe upon copyright restrictions. The collection also includes Hopkins' scholars' research and manuscripts.

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Dr. David Downes
Dr. David Downes

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Fr. Anthony Bischoff's

The research papers and publications of Dr. David Downes, a Gerard Manley Hopkins Scholar, are available for download. (Available in PDF format. Links to inventory from the table of contents page are surrounded by blue dashes. Acrobat Reader must be loaded to read PDF documents.)

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    • Fr. Anthony Bischoff, S.J.

    In 1994, Gonzaga University acquired the research collection of Fr. Bischoff. There are several holdings of G.M. Hopkins: An Inventory of the Anthony Bischoff Research Collection at Gonzaga University by Stephanie Plowman with an afterword by Dr. David Downes available at the Foley Center Library at Gonzaga University.

    • Other manuscripts collections will be inventoried and available on the Web.

    For more information please write or call:

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    Gonzaga University
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    Call: (509) 313-3847 or 313-3822