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Search Multiple Sites at the Same Time
These sites search many online bookstores at the same time and compare prices and shipping costs. Most have a basic search by author, title, keyword, and ISBN. Many also offer more advanced searching options by price ranges, publisher, year, or other criteria.
Fast, efficient. Search for new, used, fine, rare, and out-of-print books. Covers 20,000,000 books and 20,000 book dealers. Offers advanced searching options.
Search for used, rare, and out-of-print materials.
Advanced Book Exchange
Search for rare, out-print, or antiquarian books. Offers advanced searching options.
Search for used, rare, or out-of-print books. Offers advanced searching options.
Searches for new or used books, including textbooks.
Best Book Buys
Searches for all kinds of books, including new and used books, textbooks, audio books, and out-of-print books.
Search for new or used books.

Online Bookstores
Online Bookstores
Directory of online bookstores.
Largest online bookstore. Search for new and out-of-print books, as well as music, DVDs, videos, and a multitude of other non-print materials.
Barnes and
Second largest online bookstore, selling books, e-books, music, prints, posters, software, magazines, DVDs, and videos.
Third largest online bookstore, selling books, music, and videos.
Internet Book Shop
Britain's largest online bookstore. Searchable by author, title, ISBN, publisher, or series.
Powell's Books
Largest used & new bookstore in the world.
Remaindered Bargain Books Online
A brief annotated list of stores offering remainders and bargains at steep discounts, with web site links and telephone numbers. Also lists sites for price comparisons. Includes some multi-search tools for comparison shopping and a FAQ on online book buying.

Local Bookstores
This is a selected list of local bookstores in Spokane, both chain stores and independent bookstores.
2nd Look Books
2829 E. 29th Avenue
Specializes in out-of-print and used books and magazines.
Auntie's Bookstore
402 W. Main Ave
Sells new and used books, magazines, comics, music, videos, and games.
Barnes & Noble Bookstore
2 locations: Northtown Mall, 15310 E. Indiana Ave, Veradale
Sells new books and magazines.
Hastings Books, Music, Video
4 locations:7304 N. Division St. , 1704 W. Wellesley Ave, Lincoln Heights Shopping Center, 11324 E. Sprague Ave, Veradale
Sells new books and magazines, music, DVDs, videos, software, and video games.
Rae's Book Exchange
6512 N. Division St.
Trades paperbacks, selected magazines. Buys hardbacks, selected magazines, books on tape. Sells new and used books, including computer and auto manuals, children's books, and books on tape.
Spokane Valley Mall
Sells new books and magazines.
Gusdorf's Books
2174 N. Hamilton St. e-mail
Used books, will do book searches.
Cal's Books & Videos
2174 N. Hamilton St.
Used books. Buys selected nonfiction books: history, military, astrology, art, classics, etc.
Spokane Book Center
626 N. Monroe St.
Buys and sells books, including nonfiction, literature, metaphysics, hardback books.
Inland Book Store
123 S. Wall St.
Buys and sells books, including art, history, literature, metaphysics, nonfiction, and scholarly books.

This list contains local and online sources for textbooks.

Clarke & Stone Book Company
204 N. Division St.
Sells technical books, specializing in the following topics: medicine, nursing, allied health, engineering, architecture, and historical preservation, and construction.
Gonzaga University Campus Bookstore
Lower COG
Gonzaga University's campus bookstore, selling new and used college textbooks. Buys back books at certain times of the year.
Sells over 60,000 new and used college textbooks and other college-related products.
Sells new and used college textbooks and other college-related products. Buys back used textbooks.
Barnes & Noble's
New and used textbooks for kindergarten through high school.
Powell's Books
Sells used, new, or out-of-print textbooks.
Sells discounted new college textbooks and used textbooks and other college-related products. Buys back used textbooks.
At Cost Textbooks
Sells over 600,000 new and used textbooks. New textbooks sold at cost, used textbooks sold at competitive prices.
Bookswap Textbooks
Sell or buy books through the used textbook classifieds. "Rental" policy let student purchase a book, then sell it for the same price to another student at the end of the year.
Off-campus Books
Chain of college textbook stores in California that sells textbooks at low prices.