Biographical Info

A&E's Biography
The web site of the popular A&E television series includes a database of brief biographical entries, links to related sites, study guides for classroom use, a discussion area, and clips from upcoming shows.

Biography Center
The aim of Biography Center is "to index all the available biographies on the Web" -- in french, spanish, german and english.

Dead People Server
The Dead People Server describes itself as "simply a list of interesting celebrities who are long dead, newly dead, or might plausibly be dead." Includes brief entries, with links to related web resources.

Eric Weisstein's Treasure Trove of Scientific Biography
Part of the Treasure Trove of Science site, this resource includeds biographical material written by the site author as well as links to other web-based material. In addition to an alphabetical index and a search function, the site is indexed by branch of science, gender/minority status, historical periods, nationality, and prize winners.

Information Please -- Biography
More than 30,000 biographical entries from the Information Please almanacs, dictionary, and encyclopedia. Can be searched or browsed by the following categories: Sports, Entertainment, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Supreme Court Justices, Business Leaders, People in the News, World Leaders, Deaths (in current and previous year).

The Internet Movie Database Biography Search
The IMDb is the most comprehensive movie site on the web. The biography section brings together a miscellany of biographical trivia and links to material within the IMDb site and across the web. Biographies can be browsed alphabetically or searched by keyword, birth year, birth location, year of death, and year of marriage.

Lives, the Biography Resource
A guide to biographical sites on the web. With a few exceptions, only posthumous biographies are covered. Includes guides to professions, eras, regions, and topical groupings under headings such as African Americans, Women, Civil War, Holocaust Survivors and Rescuers, etc.
This unique reference tool searches a combined database of over forty web-based reference sources from Bloomsbury, Macmillan, Oxford University Press, and Penguin -- including many with strong biographical emphases. The cross-reference links make this a unique and powerful resource.