Foley Library's periodical collection is comprised of print periodicals, microforms, and electronic databases.  Our periodicals are selected primarily to support Gonzaga's diverse academic programs, with many offerings directed to the enrichment of the student reader.

Basic Information About Periodicals
Periodicals are journals, newspapers and other items that are issued more frequently than one time a year.   Periodicals often have more recent and relevant information than books, due to the frequency of publication.  Foley has predominantly scholarly journals in our periodical collection.  "Scholarly" journals focus on a particular academic field (nursing, psychology, communication, etc.) and are peer-reviewed, meaning that respected colleagues in that field review, critique, and must approve of an article before it can be published in that journal.

Where can I find Foley's periodicals?
Print periodicals and microforms are located on the lower level of Foley Center. All periodical titles available in the Foley Library can be searched for in our on-line catalog. The over 30,000 periodical titles Foley subscribes to electronically are available through the numerous online databases linked to the Foley website. And a complete list of all periodicals accessible through Foley can be found at Periodicals @ Foley.

All print and microform periodicals are shelved using the Library of Congress call number system. Print periodicals with call numbers beginning with A-E are located on the East side of the building, and those beginning with F-Z are on the West side of the building. Microforms are located on the north side of the lower lever, behind the elevator bay.

We separate recent issues of our most popular titles from the rest of our holdings and display those in the reading area of the lower level. These current issues are organized alphabetically for easy access. A current list of these popular titles is available at the Periodicals Desk. The current issues for all titles not on that list are shelved by call number with the older, bound volumes.

Periodicals cannot be checked out, therefore to serve our patrons, a photocopier is located on the lower level of the library. 

Foley Library has extensive microform holdings. Microforms are miniaturized copies of periodicals that must be viewed with magnifying equipment.  Microforms include microfiche (small, individual sheets of transparent plastic), microfilm (a long strip of transparent plastic wound on a reel), and microcards (non-transparent cards).  Foley's holdings include ERIC documents, the Schomburg collection,and several dissertation, along with the usual array of newspapers and journals.  Both microfiche and microfilm may be viewed, scanned, saved, and printed using the microform scanners at the base of the stairs on the lower level. The microcards may only be viewed using the microcard viewer near the microform cabinets, but this does not allow for scanning, saving, or printing.

Foley Library receives a variety of daily and weekly newspapers, including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Spokesman Review.  The current newspapers are kept on spindles on the newspaper racks, while older issues are located on the shelves around the corner from the newspaper area.