Circulation Services for Students

Circulation Services for Gonzaga Students

Your Gonzaga University ID card is your library card.

Bring your card with you to the Foley Center; it is required for a variety of on-site services including checkout of materials as well as access to some electronic databases from locations outside the Foley Center.

Where Else Can I use My Card?

Present your Gonzaga ID card at these Spokane libraries to receive free borrowing privileges: Gonzaga Law, Whitworth College, Spokane Falls Community College and Spokane Community College.  Borrowing privileges are also available at a number of north Idaho libraries.  Check at the Reference Desk for a complete list of libraries you can borrow materials from.

How Do I Check Out and Return Materials?

Present your ID card at the Circulation Desk on the main floor to check out material. All items that circulate are to be checked out and returned to the Main Circulation Desk. An outside bookdrop is provided for your convenience.
How long do materials checkout? Checkout period for undergraduates is 28 days and materials can be renewed up to eight times unless requested by another user.  Graduate students have a two month loan period with eight renewals. Exception: Popular books check out for two weeks and can be renewed only twice, popular videos, CD’s and DVD’s check out for 7 days.  Material may be renewed by phone, on line or in person at the Circulation Desk. Material does not need to be presented in order to renew it. The renewal period is equivalent to the original checkout period. Books may be renewed in the "My Account" feature of the library catalog. To renew by phone, call 323-5803--you will be asked for your GU ID number. Renew before the due date to avoid late fines! Materials With Shorter Loan Periods:

Curriculum Center Material 
28 days for all users
Media Material (videos, CDs) 7 days for all users
Popular Books
14 days for all users
Reserve Material (varies) 1 hr. - 3 days

Reference, periodicals and Special Collections materials do not check out.

What if I return material late?

Everyone who borrows material from the Foley Center is subject to late fees if material is returned or renewed late.

Fine Per Item
Most Items 25 cents per day
Interlibrary Loans
$1per day
Media (videos & CDs) 25 cents per day
Recalled Items $1 per day
Reserve Materials $1 per hour

Notices for library material that is overdue are sent at 7 days and 14 days past the due date. Persons with library material more than 60 days late will be billed the cost of the item plus a $10 processing fee. If the item is no longer in print a default charge of $50 plus a $10 processing fee will be assessed.If you have over $20 in library fines a hold may be placed on your Banner account which will block you from registering for classes, requesting transcripts, etc.

What Are My Options If The Item I Want Is Not On The Shelf?

Several options are available to you at this point. Please discuss the situation with the staff at the Circulation Desk.

•    RECALL: If the item you want is checked out and you need it right away, ask to put a RECALL on the item. The person who has the item checked out has seven days to return it. When the item is returned you will be mailed a notice and the item will be held for you at the Circulation Desk for seven days. All circulating material is subject to recall. Any item checked out by any borrower may be recalled after two weeks if needed by another borrower or by the Library.
•   ILL: If the item you want is checked out from the library collection you can place an ILL request through ILLiad and we will try to borrow it from another library.  ILL books take one to two weeks to arrive and typically check out for shorter periods than Foley Library owned items.
•    HOLD: If the item you want is checked out and you simply want to receive it when it's returned ask to put a HOLD on the item. Whenever the item comes back the item will be held for you at the Circulation Desk. Holds may be placed in the catalog by using the hold request button and supplying your name and library card number.
•    TRACE: If the item you want is not checked out and not on the shelf ask to have a TRACE put on the item. Circulation staff will search for the item and notify you when it has been found. You will be mailed a notice and the item will be held for you at the Circulation Desk for seven days. You can determine for yourself whether or not an item is checked out by finding the record in the online catalog. At the end of the record is a status line which indicates the availability of an item. If Foley Center does not own an item you may inquire at the Reference Desk about getting the item through interlibrary loan.

Access Your Record online. This option allows you to view current activity on your borrowing record (e.g., items checked out, fines owed, holds pending). You can also renew your items from here.

Extended Borrowing Authorization: Students working on a research project or thesis, but not enrolled in classes, must have their advisor fill out the Extended Borrowing Authorization form and return to Valerie Kitt,, in the circulation department to continue using library services.

Confidentiality: State law (Revised Code of Washington 42.17.310) upholds your right to confidentiality of your library borrowing record.

Reserve materials are located at the Circulation Desk and can be checked out by anyone presenting a valid ID card. Reserve materials cannot be renewed. Any material may be placed on reserve by a university faculty member as long as it is not in violation of federal copyright guidelines. Most reserve material is kept at the Circulation Desk on the first floor of the Foley Center. Material may be placed on 1 hour, 2 hours,2 hour-building use only, 24 hour, or 3 day reserve.