Appeal Process

There is now an appeal process for circulation fines in place at the Foley Center. 


An appeal form is available at the Circulation Desk or download one here.  This is to be used by the Gonzaga community for overdue charges that are a minimum of ten dollars.  This form and appeal process is not for lost or damaged materials.  A committee of Circulation staff will review the appeals at least once a month and determine if the fines should be reduced or waived.  Factors that will be taken into consideration include:  Banner Holds for library materials, fines waived in the past, information provided on the appeal form and previous appeals filed. 
Patrons will be notified of the committee’s decision within thirty days.  Borrowing privileges may be blocked during the appeals process.


Overdue Fines and Appeals Process

Everyone who borrows from the Foley Library is subject to late fees if material is returned or renewed late.

    Fines per Item

Most Items
Interlibrary Loans
Media (videos and c.d.s)
Recalled Items
Reserve Materials
.25 per day
$1.00 per day
.25 per day
$1.00 per day 
$1.00 per hour

Courtesy Reminder Notices are sent three days prior to the due date with the option to renew items.  Overdue notices are sent at one week and three week intervals.  There is a one week grace period for regular items from the stacks.  Once a week a report is run and the shelves are checked for overdue items.

When an item is sixty days overdue a notice is sent with the default price of the item of fifty dollars with a ten dollar processing fee.  It the item is returned the fifty dollars is cleared and the ten dollars reverts to the maximum fine.

If a patron reports an item as lost and wishes to pay the replacement cost, every effort is made to find the correct cost by referring to Books In Print or a reputable on-line source.  Occasionally there is a situation where the book has been stolen or burned in a fire.  It is up to the Circulation Staff to determine if the processing fee should be waived.  If a patron finds a replacement copy in new or near new condition and offers it as a replacement, only the processing fee is charged.  A detailed receipt is available for insurance purposes.

If items are returned damaged the Circulation Staff will consult with the person in charge of mending to determine if the item needs to be repaired or replaced and at what cost.There is an appeals process in place if someone feels they were charged inappropriately or there are mitigating circumstances.  This is just for overdue charges, not for lost or damaged items.  A committee comprised of the Chair of Public Services, the Circulation Supervisor and the Circulation Assistant will review the appeals once a month and determine if they think it is fair to reduce or waive fines or charge the initial amount.  Several factors will be taken into consideration, such as:  number of previous appeals, the patron fine history to see if fines have been waived in the past and if BANNER holds have been lifted before.

The committee will get back to the patron with the decision.  At that time, if the patron is still unhappy with the decision the appeal will be referred to the Dean of the Library.