Library Policies

ACT Lab and Teleconference Room

Scheduling of the ACT Lab and the Teleconference Room on the first floor of Foley Center  is handled by Technology Education Services, (509) 313-3810.

Board Room, Greenan

Scheduling of the Greenan Board Room on the third floor is handled in the Library Administrative Offices by Elaine Manor, 313-6533 or Karen O'Shaughnessy, 313-5398.

Cell Phone Policy

In response to student concerns about minimizing noise in the library, we require all patrons to place their cell phones on silent or vibrate mode and we encourage individuals to conduct cell phone conversations outside the library.  This will help assure that students  have quiet areas for study and reflection in the library.  If you leave your study space, please make sure that you take all valuables, especially laptop computers, with you.  Cell phone use in Foley Center is limited to the Atrium outside the main doors of the library, the 24 Hour Study Lounge, and the Group Study Rooms, when no one in the group objects.  Text messaging is acceptable in the library, as long as it does not cause a disturbance.

Donation Policy

The policy at Foley Center Library is to accept any donation with the understanding that the materials are ours to keep or dispose of as we see fit.  Once the items arrive, they are checked against the collection to see if we already have them and also are examined by a librarian to determine whether the donated materials support the curriculum.  The librarian then decides whether to add them to the collection.  If a donation is determined to be a duplicate, out of the scope of the curriculum, or unsuitable for an academic library, we will give it away.  We are unable to return items to donors.  If you have questions related to gifts or donations to the library, please review our donation criteria or contact Linda Pierce, Acquisitions Librarian, at (509) 313-3834. (Donation Acceptance Form)

Faculty Carrels and Reading Area

A small  number of enclosed faculty study carrels are available on the third floor of the Foley Center. These will be available for semester-long projects requiring extensive library use -- faculty may request the use of the study carrels for relevant sabbatical projects. Applications are available from the Chair, Gonzaga Research Council. Contact the Library Administrative Offices, (509) 313-6533 for further information.

Food, Drink, & Tobacco

Tobacco products are not allowed in any part of the Foley Center in accordance with University-wide policy. 

In response to student requests, the Foley Center allows beverages in covered containers and snack foods in the building. To protect our collections and building from harmful pests and damage, and to respect and not disrupt others, we do ask that certain foods not be brought into the building. Food that is smelly, messy or hot is not acceptable for consumption in Foley. Feel free to bring in snacks or sandwiches, but items such as fast food, full meals, or delivered items are not appropriate.

When eating or drinking in Foley, please respect the building and those who are responsible for cleaning it by disposing of garbage and recyclable materials in appropriate containers. Please report any spills to a library employee.

No food is allowed in the following areas of the library: Special Collections and the Library Instruction Classroom/Computer lab. All types of food are allowed in the 24 hour Study Lounge which is located near the Writing Center and vending machines are available in that area.

Patron Privacy Policy

It is the policy of Foley Center Library to respect the privacy of all users in compliance with federal and state laws and library professional standards. The library will not reveal the identities of individual users or reveal what information sources or services they consult, unless compelled to do so by a government agency. This policy applies to all resources regardless of their format or means of delivery as well as to all services offered by the Library.  (See our brochure with our privacy policy and information about the Patriot Act.)

Quiet and Study Zones Policy

In response to student concerns about wanting quiet areas for study and reading, the library has established specific quiet zones in the building. There are also specific zones where talking and working in groups is encouraged so that individuals may collaborate with others.   Please respect the study zone signs displayed on each floor of the building. If you have questions please review our flyer on quiet study zones or contact a library staff member.  

Teleconference Room and ACT Lab

Scheduling of the Teleconference Room and ACT Lab on the first floor is handled byTechnology Education Services, (509) 313-3810.

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