Welcome to iWebfolio Support for Gonzaga University!

Gonzaga University subscribes to iWebfolio, a software program that allows faculty, staff and students the ability to create online, electronic portfolios. With an iWebfolio account, users are allowed to make multiple e-portfolios, whether they are for a class assignment, service project, potential employer or even just for fun.

“We don’t learn from experience. We learn from reflecting on experience.” – John Dewey

Faculty, staff or students who would like to request an iWebfolio user account, please send an email to ATASupport@gonzaga.edu or contact us at 509-313-3972.  If you are teaching a class and would like to bring digital portfolios into your classroom, ATAS will work with you to develop a portfolio template and student instructions, and we will help introduce the e-portfolio process to your students.

* Click here to view a video introduction to ATAS and iWebfolio.

iWebfolio recently had a major upgrade to version 5.
We are working quickly to update all of the iWeb 4 instructions for

creating & editing digital portfolios and will post them here as we finish each one. 

Supplemental Instructions:

  • Supplemental Instructions to Add & Edit Content in iWebfolio - iWeb 5 (September 2013)
    These are supplemental instructions that explain how to add and edit content in iWebfolio along with other aspects of creating a digital portfolio. For page-by-page directions, please see instructions created for specific templates listed below:

Specific Assignment Instructions:

Thank you to the following professors and programs for participating in our pilot stage of iWebfolio implementation:


Secondary Education

School Counselor
Sample Professional Portfolio

Dodd English 101

 Sample Principal and Administration Portfolio
 Sample Graduate Nurse Portfolio

 VART 190 Sample Portfolio

Art History 191

Growth and Development

Growth and Development

EDPE Internship
 Sample Theatre Scene Design Portfolio

Additional Support Materials:

  • Custom portfolio that is not a class assignment
    Create a digital portfolio for potential employers, graduate school admission, for friends and family or for a school club or service project
    - Instructions on How to Create a Basic Portfolio - (iWeb 4)
    - Sample Basic Portfolio (contains iWebfolio examples & brief instructions - this portfolio changes often as it is the sandbox for new portfolio ideas)
 Sample portfolio using the Custom template
  • Gonzaga Community Sample Portfolios
    - Rock Climbing - created by student Daniel Bell-Garrison
 Sample student portfolio

If you are a student and have been assigned an e-portfolio, please feel free to contact ATAS with any questions you have about working in iWebfolio. We are here to help!

The iWebfolio FAQ has answers to some of the most common questions, such as how to add a document or image to your portfolio.