Important notice! In the fall, Gonzaga will begin using new digital portfolio software called Foliotek!  At the end of the summer, iWebfolio will no longer be available to campus, and users will begin migrating to Foliotek for all of their digital portfolio work. For more information click here


Supplemental Instructions:

  • Supplemental Instructions to Add & Edit Content in iWebfolio - iWeb 5 (September 2013)
    These are supplemental instructions that explain how to add and edit content in iWebfolio along with other aspects of creating a digital portfolio. For page-by-page directions, please see instructions created for specific templates listed below:

Specific Assignment Instructions:

Thank you to the following professors and programs for participating in our pilot stage of iWebfolio implementation:

If you are a student and have been assigned an e-portfolio, please feel free to contact ATAS with any questions you have about working in iWebfolio. We are here to help!

Here was an email sent to all iWebfolio users at Gonzaga University

Greetings from Academic Technology Applications Support (ATAS) at Gonzaga University!

If you are receiving this email, it means you are a member of Gonzaga University, and you are currently using or have used iWebfolio to create a digital portfolio for one or more of your courses, programs, service projects or for personal use.  This message is to inform you of a big change that will be taking place at Gonzaga this summer.  GU will begin using new digital portfolio software called Foliotek!  At the end of the summer, iWebfolio will no longer be available to campus, and users will begin migrating to Foliotek for all of their digital portfolio work.  Foliotek is FREE for all current students, staff and faculty at GU, and will be offered to alumni at a discounted subscription rate.  More on this below.

What does this mean for you?  Depending on your status at Gonzaga (current student, staff or faculty; alumni), you have several options:

 For Current Students, Faculty or Staff:

If you are finished with your iWebfolio portfolio assignment or project and do not plan on using the program anymore, you do not need to do anything at this time.  If you receive another digital portfolio assignment or project as you continue your studies or work at Gonzaga, you will receive a Foliotek user account and instructions at that time.

  • If you are finished with your iWebfolio portfolio assignment or project and would like to keep a copy of your portfolio, here are the instructions for downloading a local copy:
    • Log into iWebfolio at www.iwebfolio.com using Firefox, Chrome or Safari (if you have forgotten your password, there is link on the main page to have your password emailed to you)
    • Open the portfolio you would like to download a local copy of
    • Click on the title of your portfolio in the header (the title is located above your name); this will take you to the ‘end’ of your portfolio
    • If you would like to download any feedback that was provided to you on your portfolio, click the box next to ‘include feedback’
    • Click the ‘Zip File’ link to download the portfolio (the portfolio will be downloaded into a compressed format and will need to be extracted in order to view)
    • The zipped file will be saved to your computer and will contain the following files and folders that make up your entire portfolio:
      • viewPortfolio.html – click on this file to open the local copy of your complete portfolio  – note: your portfolio will only be viewable and function correctly as long as this file stays in the folder structure along with all of the other folders and files that were zipped during the download
      • content – this folder contains a list of the individual web pages that were used to create your portfolio
      • downloads – this folder contains each image or file that is linked to your portfolio and will be in separate (oddly named) folders within this folder
      • html – this folder contains a portfolio.html file that links to your complete portfolio – it is the same as the viewPortfolio.html above
      • scripts & theme are folders that contain information and coding for your portfolio to display correctly

If you are still working on an iWebfolio portfolio assignment for a course or multi-semester program or project, you will soon be receiving specific instructions from your professor(s) and ATAS for completing your work in iWebfolio along with initial instructions for getting started in Foliotek.

  • If you are a faculty or staff member and are interested in downloading/archiving your students’ work for assessment, accreditation or grading purposes, please contact us at atasupport@gonzaga.edu or 509-313-3972.  We will send you specific instructions for archiving student portfolio data.

For Alumni:

Alumni of Gonzaga University can request a Foliotek user account to create personal or professional ‘presentation’ e-portfolios at a discounted subscription rate of $8 per year.  If you are interested in a Foliotek ‘GU Alumni’ account, please contact us at atasupport@gonzaga.edu or 509-313-3792.  We will send you specific information for getting started in Foliotek.

What do you need to do next?  The Gonzaga subscription to iWebfolio will expire on August 31, 2014.  You have from now until that date to decide on which option(s) above is best for your needs.  If you have questions or would like to discuss iWebfolio or Foliotek in further detail, we are happy to work with you.  Please feel free to contact ATAS by email at atasupport@gonzaga.edu, by phone (509) 313-3972 or stop by our office, third floor Foley Library, room 303. 

The iWebfolio FAQ has answers to some of the most common questions, such as how to add a document or image to your portfolio.

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