Summer Opportunities

Research Opportunities

  • National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates: National Science Foundation supports a number of summer research programs at a number of universities and colleges.  These programs involve virtually every aspect of engineering, tend to pay competitive stipends, and commonly provide 8-10 weeks of high-quality research experience.  If you have aspirations for graduate studies, this site and these opportunities are a MUST in your planning for your summers starting as early as your freshman or sophomore year.
  • NOAA/Hollings Undergraduate Scholarship: Up to $8,000 of academic assistance per school year for full-time study during the junior and senior years, plus a required, 10-week, paid ($650/week) internship during the summer between the junior and senior years at NOAA or a NOAA approved facility.
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency:  The US EPA supports a number of undergraduate and graduate fellowship programs as outlined at this site.
  • Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) Scholarships: Oak Ridge supports a number of research and scholarship programs.  Information on a number of programs is available at this site.
  • NREIP is a ten week summer research opportunity for undergraduate Juniors & Seniors, and Graduate students, under the guidance of a mentor, at a participating Navy Laboratory.
  • Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship: Three types: Academic-Year for funding for one year of study in another country; Multi-Year for funding two or three years of degree-oriented study in another country; and Cultural for three or six months of intensive language study and cultural immersion in another country.
  • Association of American Medical Colleges:  Web site listing summer research opportunities related to medicine.
  • American Mathematical Society: Web site listing summer research opportunities in mathematics.
  • National Institute of Health:  Summer research opportunities related to NIH and Biomedical
  • Physics and Astronomy:  A searchable site for summer research opportunities in Physics and Astronomy.
  • Summer Research Search Engine:  Here is another search engine for REU and similar summer research opportunities

Service Opportunities

  • Engineering World Health:  Of particular interest to Mechanical Engineers, this group takes medical equipment from the U.S. and adapts it for use in medical facilities in Central and South America.