MAC - Materials Advantage Club


2013-2014 Officers

President: Charlie Rogers
Vice President: Christine Ngan
Secretary: Trevor Longbottom
Faculty Advisor: Patrick Ferro

Annual Report: Materials Advantage Club is designed to increase student exposure to materials science and engineering. The MAC is structured around industry exposure, hands-on projects, research experience, and service in our community. These pillars were chosen to optimize members' experience and exposure to the Materials Science and Engineering industry. For industry exposure, the MAC provides its members opportunities to network with industry professionals. We also toured Spokane Industries and Mackay Manufacturing facilities. Hands-on projects help to develop beneficial skills while creating projects that can be used for future job opportunities. Research experience, specifically in hydrogen embrittlement, helps to develop skills for graduate research experiences and to contribute to the scientific research world. Our final pillar is service. With service, we hope to cultivate the men and women for others utilizing our engineering skill set learned here at Gonzaga.