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Congratulations 2016 Graduates!

The T&D Program Faculty and Staff would like to congratulate the following students for completing the Master of Engineering in T&D Engineering degree in the 2015-16 school year.

Alan Johnson, Black & Veatch 
Charles Prentice, CH2MHill
Nick Coulson, Puget Sound Energy
Kassahun Aschenaki, SNC-Lavalin
Zachary Starkey, Vectron Energy Delivery
Yigal Kopinsky, Suriname Energy
Zachary Scott, Snohomish PUD
Jawid Arghestani, ABB
Chris Bruno, Brookhaven National Lab

2016 Admits!

The School of Engineering and Applied Science's Graduate Admissions Committee is pleased to announce the following candidates have been accepted into the Master of Engineering in T&D Engineering degree program.

Chris Schnetzler, Pepco
Mike Hill, Clallum PUD
Doug Adams, Clallum PUD
William Allen, Memphis Power and Light
Scott Hult, Schneider Electric
Patricio Hernandez, Provo City Power
John Paulett, EnergyUnited
Bryce Priest, Salt River Project
Kevin Damron, Avista 
Matthew Korneychuk, SaskPower
Les Wolf, Xcel Energy

T&D Alum Prepares for Cloud Invastion


Josh Lankford, (METD, ’13) is the only fulltime engineer working at the Umatilla Electric Cooperative in Oregon. The UEC is a small rural power company serving a growing customer base drawn by a busy Columbia River port and affordable energy prices.

When he started there in 2009, UEC served 14,000 members and provided 875 million average kilowatt-hours (kWH) of power a year. Now, several technology-based companies have opened, or are planning, large data centers in the coop’s territory and within five years the power load is expected to increase by 400%.

It was serendipity that Josh had entered Gonzaga’s Transmission and Distribution Master’s program, hoping to find mentoring and practical knowledge as he tackled the complex problems from such a dramatic shift in his company’s power load.

Josh describes his job duties as, “a little bit of everything that we have going on, including, but not limited to: construction workplan development, GIS conversion, new transmission lines and substations, rebuilds of aged infrastructure , upgrades to existing lines and substations, power quality, SCADA system upgrades and development, and anything else that passes through the engineering department.”

Josh says that over time his work has moved into managing teams of consultants and he appreciates the broad knowledge the T&D program gave him. “I have used something that I’ve learned from each class since I graduated. I didn’t realize how helpful the program really was until I finished it... The T&D classes aren’t like the classes I’ve taken where I ask myself, ‘how does this help me?’ or ‘when will I ever use this in my career?’; they are all relatable to my job in some way.”

Josh feels that he gained more than ten years of experience in the twelve classes he took toward the master’s and that depth fits well with his varied responsibilities. “The calculations I learned, stories I heard, and reasonings you discuss within the transmission line design classes help me every day while I oversee the design and construction of the transmission line projects we have going on here at UEC.”

He continues, “The leadership and project development classes help me with my every day interactions with the membership, colleagues, and consultants, or project management in general. The underground system design course helped me put a safety demonstration together on pulling in underground cable for our lineman. Each class gave me the tools I needed, I just need more time in the day to put them all to use!”

Congratulations 2015 Graduates!

Several ME students were able to complete their coursework and Graduation Portfolios in time to graduate in the 2014-15 school year and five students traveled to Spokane to attend Gonzaga's Graduate commencement ceremony on May 9. Congratulations everyone!

2014-15 Graduates:

Amie Fish, Eaton
Sean Grier, Duke Energy
James Wallace, Riviera Utilities
Ryan Adams, Salt River Project
Sam Chanoski, NERC
Marty Gulseth, Avista
Chad Thoman, Adams Electric Coop

2015Commencement Kassahun Aschenki, Ryan Adams, Alan Johnson, Charles Prentice, and Nick Coulson attend the 2015 Graduate Commence Ceremony at Gonzaga's McCarthey Athletic Center in Spokane
We are honored to announce the newest recipients of the Master of Engineering in T&D Engineering. We will miss you!

2015 Summer Residency a Success!

Students admitted to the Master of Engineering program must take the TADP 556 capstone course to graduate.  This course includes a two-day, on-campus residency component which was held on May 19-20 this year. The instructors were pleased with the turn-out and great work from everyone.  Students came from as far as Namibia, Africa and Suriname, South America for the course.  

The residency was once again paired with the Annual T&D Meeting so students were able to meet T&D faculty from various courses in the program, tour the campus, work on team projects, and participate in ethics and strategic planning/system thinking sessions. 

2014 Attendees- TADP 556 Weekend Residency, Spokane

2015 Admits!

It was another busy year for the Admissions Committee.  The program admitted 17 new students in school year 2014-15. Congratulations students!

Emily Stallman,  Rocky Mountain Power
Dallas McClain, Console Energy
Wail Abu-Rashed, Chrysler
Chris Bruno, Brookhaven National lab
Ajay Singh, Crown Cork & Seal
Nick Coulson, Puget Sound Energy
Riaan Van Zyl, PowerLine Africa 
Matt West, Southern Co.
Marciano Hellings, Suriname Energy
Yigal Kopinksy, Suriname Energy
Francisco Martinez, Kinder Morgan 
Mikayla Nichols, NorthWestern Energy 
Mark Rankin, Sargent & Lundy 
Jay Arghestani, ABB 
Larry Li, Northeast Utilities
Joshua Flake, Eaton
David McKinnon, Greater Essex County School District

Registration Open!

We are currently accepting registrations for Fall 2016 courses. New students may begin the registration process by filling out a non-matriculated registration form and send to:

Jilliene McKinstry
School of Engineering and Applied Science
Gonzaga University

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Phone: 509-313-5701
Fax: 509-313-5871
email: mckinstry@gonzaga.edu

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