Mechanical 7 - Bulldog Baja Suspension

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Student Team: Jeff Barnhart, Andrew Asper, Nick Gavenas, Drew McCurdy, Jesse Baker
Advisor: Ben Boyce
Sponsoring Organization:  Gonzaga University, Janicki Industries, Bay Shore Systems, Gonzaga SAE    
Liaison: tbd

Project Background:

Gonzaga Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) students are to design and build the SAE Bulldog Baja suspension for an SAE Mini Baja vehicle to be entered into an engineering design competition and race. The objective of the competition is to reproduce real-world engineering design projects for students to complete and compete in events described on the event-site that challenges the students and tests the efficiency of their design. The students on the ME 7 team will be designing, prototyping, and testing the suspension for a mini Baja car for a fictitious company that will be mass-producing the vehicle for retail sale. This requires that the teams build a functional, competitive, and cost-effective suspension system for the SAE Baja car.

Project Goal:

Students will gain hands-on and team-oriented engineering experience in designing, prototyping, and testing the Bulldog Baja Suspension for the SAE Baja car to compete in the 2014 Baja SAE Series.

Project Deliverables:

Deliverables will include a fully functional Baja car suspension prototype, engineering report, cost report, and performance evaluation.     

Project Management and Communication Expectations:

Students meet Thursdays at 8:00pm, and occasionally on weekends. The team members attend every meeting to discuss the progress of the team’s project and determine what must be accomplished weekly in order to stay on track for the year.

Project Research:

The team will research different types of off-road suspensions, evaluate the pros and cons of each, and decide on the best suspension/drive-train/frame system.

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