Mechanical 5 - Solar Panel Device

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Student Team: Jakob Lindsey, Travis Carter, Adam Obenberger, Derk Westermeyer, Paige Bernier
Advisor: T. Tollefsbol
Sponsoring Organization:  T&D Program/Engineering Management      
Liaison: tbd/Peter McKenny

Project Background:

Construct a mounting platform for four solar panels, design and build a device to deliver maximum electrical output from the panels throughout the day, and verify each panel provides an electrical output which is similar to specified test data.

Project Goal:

 Installation and testing of four/eight solar panels.

Project Deliverables:

1.      Construct suitable platform and mount solar panels

2.      Measure electrical output and compare to manufacturer’s test data sheets

3.      Design and build a device to maximize electrical output throughout the day

4.      Complete all electrical/mechanical testing to verify overall operation.

5.      Provide final report    

Project Management and Communication Expectations:

1.      Develop overall project plan and update weekly

2.      Conduct weekly team meeting with documented minutes including assigned action items/due dates and timesheet indicating hours spent and work completed

3.   Timely submission of all required interim/final project reports

Project Research:

1.      Review and document all prior work in area (including history of solar panel development)

2.      Methods of installing and testing solar panels

3.      Estimated cost of complete installation and recommended steps to reduce costs

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