Mechanical 12 - Lifting Device for Ingots

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Student Team: Michael Beckett, Erick Lyons, Nicholas Hall, James Youmans
Advisor: Jeff Nolting
Sponsoring Organization: Wagstaff, Inc.
Liaison: Brett Thielman/ Mike Anderson

Project Background:

Wagstaff would like to have a lifting device designed to lift aluminum ingots out of the casting pit.  The device would hang from a building crane and clamp onto the cast ingot.  It needs to be adjustable to a large range of ingot sizes and clamp the ingot with two lifting points.  Once clamped the device must remain clamped until being released by an operator.  The range adjustment and clamping should be done using a 12V battery and small hydraulic power unit that is mounted to the device and operates hydraulic actuators.

Project Goal:

Produce an ingot lifting device capable of a large adjustment range.

Project Deliverables:

1. Preliminary project plan at first review date per CEDE schedule. Plan must deliver overview of project, sponsor agreed upon target design specs, preliminary work breakdown and schedule for the full project. Plan should include other information as required to fully describe work to be completed.

2. Concept review report with sponsor signoff on overall concept by end of first semester. This report should present the concept options considered with an engineering tradeoff analysis, concluding with the chosen concept. Note: the sponsor signoff is crucial and so communication with the sponsor should be happening as the design is progress so that the final signoff is confirmation of previous communications.

3. Conduct a fabrication review with the GU shop of the 3D CAD models for manufacturability.

4. Full drawing package, bill of materials, engineering calculations and a final copy of the report by end of February to allow lead time for ordering and fabrication of the machine (or sponsor chosen portion).

Final report at end of second semester that includes contents of February report with corrections made to oversights in drawings, etc.  Report to include testing and operation results as appropriate.

Project Management and Communication Expectations:

 1. Meet face-to-face with Wagstaff early in the project to establish customer connection and set project direction. This may require iterative meetings as the team comes up to speed.

2. Communication with liaison on a 2 week interval minimum, however more communication may be required depending on the stage of the project.

3. WBS and schedule to be updated as project progresses.

4. Note: Schedule delivery of drawing package by end of February (see deliverables above).

Project Research:


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