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Mechanical 1 - Expandable Coil Mandrel
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Mechanical 1 - Expandable Coil Mandrel

Expandable Coil Mandrel

Students: Bryce Austin, Kenneth Hoener, Andrew McMannis, Taylor Hara, Kurtis Turner
Advisor: Taylor Wagemans 
Sponsoring Organization: Haakon Industries
Liaison: Taylor Wagemans/Ryan Leahy

Project Background:

Haakon Industries, Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of custom HVAC equipment for government, education, health care and critical electronics manufacturing markets.

Haakon is a sheet metal fabrication shop with several machines in operation. The sheet metal process begins with the CTL machine, which cuts all metal to the correct length and is the initial step before shearing, folding, and bending. Sheet metal coils are loaded onto the CTL and held into place with mandrels. 

Various sheet metal gauges, sizes, and material types are used daily (each requiring a different coil), so coils are switched out several times per shift. Haakon only uses one size diameter of mandrel to fit coils with variable diameters. Consequently, loading coils can be crude and slow. 

Project Goal:

Design and build an expandable mandrel that fits variable sheet metal coil sizes for the Haakon CTL machine. 

Project Deliverables:

NOTE: This is a preliminary set of deliverables to be negotiated and approved in scope schedule with the project sponsor. FInalized deliverables must be presented in the project plan. 

1. Project plan delineating target design specifications, milestones, monthly deliverables, and working budget.

2. Characterization of current process for loading sheet metal coils into the CTL (to be included in project plan).

3. Design documentation including 3D models and 2D drawings of prototypes and improvements. Goal to build several prototypes throughout the year.

4. Prototype testing reports reviewing successes, failures, and action plans.

5. End goal to have a final expandable mandrel built, tested, and ready for use in the shop.

Project Management and Communication Expectations:

1. WBS and schedule from start to finish of project. Updated twice monthly.

2. Biweekly update regarding progress along project timeline including costs.

3. Monthly meeting with sponsor. More frequent meetings at project kick-off.

Project Research:


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