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Student Team:  Lauren Joplin, Colin Knappert, Patrick Mosca
Advisor:  Dr. Shawn Bowers
Sponsoring Organization: Gonzaga University (Student Life & Admissions)
Liaison: tbd

Project Background:

.Gonzaga is one of the many universities that is still lacking modern smartphone apps. This needs to change. This project solves a potentially expensive and time consuming problem for Gonzaga while giving Computer Science and Computer Engineers substantial experience developing apps and creating web API's, two highly demanding skills. Producing an app for Gonzaga University will help attract potential students and greatly aid the college experience for current students at the school.

Project Goal:

 The goal of this project is to supply Gonzaga University with an iPhone app that will aid students, faculty, and visitors. Students, especially freshmen, will benefit greatly from a dynamic GPS map of campus and a database of fellow students. Most freshmen are constantly lost and out of the loop. Campus maps, news, and convenient student directories are vital during those first few months. This information needs to be available from day one and in each student's pocket. Visitors not only will be able to navigate navigate through campus, but they will also be able to receive information about buildings and schedule tours from within the app. Official Gonzaga news will also be pushed to iOS devices, creating a very convenient and useful source of information.

Project Deliverables:

iPhone app for the Gonzaga Community

1. Database Access

          a. A web API must be implemented that communicates with some of Gonzaga's backend databases. This will be used for Who's Who, news notifications, and tour registration.

          b. The web API must be secure and must also implemented encrypted connections for carrying sensitive information.

2. Who's Who

          a. An interface for GU's Who's Who must be created. Basic understanding of graphics and multithreading will be useful here. This will be feasible after sufficient database access has been achieved.

3. News - Push Notifications

         a. Push notifications will be implemented next. News will be sourced from and notifications will be integrated with the iPhone. This is very similar to a txt or facebook notification.

4. Map Interaction

         a. The campus map will becomes responsive and "clickable". Building information and videos will become available, the same information and videos offered on by the admissions department. Visitors will be able to register for tours from within the app.

Project Research:

This project will require students that have experience with OOP, preferably Objective-C. Experience with databases, web API's, and graphics is also preferred.

My plan is to release a preliminary version of the iPhone app at the beginning of the fall 2013 semester. This is to help the integration process between the students, the admissions department, student life, and IT. Throughout the course of the year, rolling updates will be offered to the public. If time permits, an android app can be created offering the same features.

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Contact Information

Academic Director:
Toni Boggan
Phone: 509-313-3913

Faculty Director:
Steven Zemke
Phone: 509-313-3554

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