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Computer Science 3 - Glider Winch Host Manager

Open Source Winch Host Manager

GliderStudent Team:  Gisela Arreola-Gutierrez, Matthew Dargen, Alex Williams
Advisor:  Dr. Shawn Bowers
Sponsoring Organization: WinchEngineer Group
Liaison: George Moore

Project Background:

This project develops software that manages operations of a tension controlled battery-electric winch and as such is a vital component of a larger project that implements a prototype for new method for launching sailplanes.  This new method will yield improved performance and increased safety over current internal combustion engine driven winch technology.  It will contain a database manager to hold launch parameters for glider/pilot combinations, a wizard to generate new entries into the database, selection and transfer of database entries for parameterization of an embedded controller responsible for real-time winch control over a USB interface, data logging and graphical display of real-time system data during and from previously logged operations, and system status displays and diagnostic support.  An opportunity may exist to interface with a prototype of the embedded controller which is another senior project under Electrical/Computer Engineering.

Project Goal:

To produce a modular, well-documented open source software package to be used by groups constructing physical instances of this open source winch design preferably structured so that it is agnostic to the operating system environment.  Possible OSes: Windows, Linux, Android. Selection of an appropriate open source development license, environment, and establishment of a repository will be components of the project. 

Project Deliverables:

Tested, documented modular software package that will form the software foundation for this winch project.  Project will employ  open source development tools and APIs as much as possible.

Project Management and Communication Expectations:

Liaison will provide a high level system design support for the project.  Project requirements will be established and tasks and schedule defined at the beginning of the project.  Liaison will meet weekly with design team for coordination and will be available during interim periods for emerging issues.  There will opportunities to interact with other experienced, senior engineers involved in the larger winch development project.

Project Research:

Project outputs will become publicly available open source code.


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