Goodrich Puller

ME 5 Team: Jeremy Stumetz, Kirsten Poehlman, Taylor Wagemans, Nicholas Niedbalski
Mike Keegan
Jesse Delanoy

Goodrich Corporation specializes in the manufacture of disk brakes for military and commercial airplanes. In the initial fabrication stage stacks of carbon fiber sheets are combined through a succession of fast actuating needles which fuse them together into a single thick “board.” This requires an operator to manually pull the sheets along the entire length of the conveyer belt (approximately 28 feet) and cut the sheet. During a twelve hour shift, this repetitive motion causes many ergonomic issues.

Our project is to create a machine that will take the place of the operator. We have designed a feeding, cutting, pulling, and driving system that performs the required tasks. The operator’s only task is loading the leading edge of the sheet into the feed system. From there, the sheet will automatically be fed to a carriage, pulled down the conveyer, and cut at the desired length, with automatic repetition of the process.

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