Advance your career through a certificate program

Our certificates give you an opportunity to pursue a passion, gain expertise and increase your leadership skills.

Develop a new mindset and toolbox for addressing organizational and societal challenges.

  • Duration: 14 weeks (fall or spring)
  • Format: Virtual
  • Time: Average 3-5 hrs/week
  • Instructor: Cari Warren
  • Cost: $3,200 (scholarships available)


Accelerate your leadership effectiveness through practical learning, mentorship and personalized assessments.

  • Duration: 9 months (Sept - May)
  • Format: On-campus/virtual hybrid
  • Time: Average 10 hrs/month
  • Instructor: Katie Herzog, M.Ed.
  • Cost: $6,900 (scholarships available)


Gain the practical knowledge and skills to effectively lead individuals and teams in healthcare environments.

  • Duration: Five months (20 weeks)
  • Format: On-campus/virtual hybrid (launches January 2023)
  • Time: Average 10-15 hours/month
  • Cost: $3,900

Learn how to shape organizational cultures and practices to create environments where people thrive.
  • Duration: 14 weeks (fall or spring)
  • Format: Virtual
  • Time: 3-5 hrs/week
  • Instructor: Debbie Heiser, M.A.
  • Cost: $3,200 (scholarships available)


Develop skills and practices for advancing women in the workplace and working towards gender equity.

  • Duration: 14 weeks (fall or spring)
  • Format: Virtual (fall) | On-campus, virtual hybrid (spring)
  • Time: Average 3-5 hrs/week
  • Instructor: Julie Kelsey, M.B.A
  • Cost: $3,200 (scholarships available)


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Gonzaga University's Certificate programs give high-potential employees the chance to stretch their skills, making them an even more valuable asset to their companies.

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