Technical Specifications

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Fr. Bernard J Coughlin, S.J., Theater

The Coughlin Theater (Mainstage) is a fully equipped theater and concert hall with a maximum seating capacity of 753 on two levels.  Includes rigging system, full sound & lighting systems, projection equipment, and adjustable orchestra pit.

Auditorium Seating

see seat map
Orchestra-level Seats: 529
Including 18 Box seats
6 ADA accessible seats (Row C and Row W)
60 seats can be added above the orchestra pit
Balcony Seats: 164
Including 26 Box seats
4 ADA accessible seats (Row DD)
4 ADA accessible seats (Balcony)

Stage Dimensions

Proscenium Opening: Adjustable
Maximum 51’W x 28’H
Minimum 43’W x 23’-8”H
Stage Floor: 89'W x 43'D
Tongue & groove finished Douglas Fir over neoprene-sprung plywood
Apron (Orchestra Pit):
Approximately 45’W x 13’D (trapezoidal)
Maximum depth: 16’ from Plaster Line at Center
Performance Area: 60’W x 39.5’D
Lineset length x Distance from Fire Curtain to Back Wall
Performance Area for Dance: 43’ W x 33’D
Masking leg opening x Distance from Fire Curtain to Cyclorama
Stage Height: 3’-0” above House Floor
Grid Height: 74’-10” from Stage Floor to top of the Grid Floor
Crossover: Backstage hallway behind the Back Wall


Main Curtain: Maroon velour curtain, bi-panel parting from the middle with matching valence
Traveler Curtains: 2 full stage black velour travelers
Stage Curtains:
Four (4) sets of black velour legs with border
Full stage white cyclorama, full stage black scrim
Wenger Orchestra Shell: Up to four (4) configurations
Side walls with entrance doors, back wall, and ceiling with down lights
Mainstage: 9’ Steinway Concert Grand, model D
Dance Floor:
Harlequin Reversible black/projection gray 6.5’ x 69’ per roll
Projection Screen:
Draper StageScreen WS, 16:9 aspect ratio
Viewing Area: 30’-0” W x 16’-10 ½” H (34’-5” diagonal)
Projector: FOH

Panasonic PT-DZ16K2 (DLP, 16,000 lumens)


Dressing Rooms:
Two small (3-4 person), Two large (12 person)
Each with lighted mirrors, storage shelf, toilet(s), sink(s), and a shower
Freight Lift from Loading Dock to Stage Level:
Measures 12’W x 24’L
Travels down to Stage level (1 flight)
Orchestra Pit/Lift: Adjustable depth
Remote controller at SL
10’ Travel Height
Enter from Pit level or House level

Martin and Edwidge Woldson Recital Hall

The Recital Hall is a multi-purpose space ideal for both music and dance instruction and more intimate performance. Features include a sprung floor, flexible AV system with retractable screen and hanging loudspeakers, motorized acoustic drapes, rotating mirrored walls, separate recording room, and retractable theater seating for up to 168.

Occupancy and Seating

Performance Seats: 168 in 13 rows
Capacity for seated banquet: 104-120
Based on 13-15 rounds, separate buffet/bar area
Maximum capacity for receptions : 304 (no seating)

Room Dimensions

Approximate Room Dimensions: 68'x50' (trapezoidal shape)
3320 sq. ft.
Approximate Performance Area with Full Seating: 38’W x 20’D


7’ Steinway Classic Grand, model B
Dance Floor :
Harlequin Reversible black/projection gray 22’ x 20’
Ballet Barres :
8 portable, 8’ long
Projection Screen:
Stewart CB Filmscreen, 16:10 aspect ratio
Viewing Area: 18’W x 11.25’H
Projector: Fixed position in Recital Hall projection window
Panasonic PT-RZ970 (DLP, 10,000 lumens)

Storage Area

North Mirrored Wall: 9’W x 51’L
Holds barres, piano, choir chairs, choir stools, and misc. equipment