Overdue and Lost Items Policy

Policy Summary

Policy summarizing the overdue and lost items process. 


Borrowers are responsible for all items checked out on their library account.  

Overdue Items

The Foley Library does not charge overdue fees. 

Lost and Damaged Items

The Foley Library charges a replacement fee for each lost or damaged item. Replacement costs for books include the price of the book plus a $15 processing fee. Multiple email overdue notices are sent to the borrower before we declare an item lost. Once an item is declared lost, the appropriate fee will be added to the borrower’s library account and their library account will be suspended until the fee is paid in full. Replacement fees are non-refundable.


Unpaid fees for other borrowers will be collected in accordance with university policies and procedures. Repeated occurrences of lost or damaged items may lead to suspension of borrowing privileges. 

Charges will be cleared from the borrower’s account when the item is returned in good condition or the appropriate fee is paid.

Replacement Fees

Laptop $1500
Books & DVDs $90  ($75 replacement + $15 processing fee)
Study Room Key $50
Faculty Carrel Key $50
Camera $100
Business, scientific, or graphing calculator $30 - $100
Green screen $75
Laptop charger $75
Miscellaneous technology $75
Whiteboard $25
Phone charger $25
Locker lock $10
Miscellaneous reserve items $5
Interlibrary Loans ILL replacement costs are set by the lender and may vary



Head of User Services
Laura Hutton

Reviewed 10/2/19