WeiWei Zhu - China

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When I first came to the USA, I was scared to communicate with the local people. I was also worried about the difficulty of the classes here, such as would I pass the Level 5 in the ELC program? However, the teachers and staff here are very helpful and nice. I remember during my first day at GU, Azra, a staff at the ELC department gave me a tour of the school and the classrooms. Every teacher also here has a different teaching style. Here, the classes do not only focus on the English language but we also learned about what's happening in Spokane and in America as well as the popular culture such as the "#MeToo" movement, gun control and American politics. The ESL classes here are small, too, and what I like about the schedule here is that we can have 4 to 5 classes per day. Furthermore, we also have many opportunities to socialize with American students through activities such as the Global Conversations and other fun activities.

After completing the ESL program at GU, I feel that I have improved a lot in the English language especially in grammar. I also learned about independent learning and how to communicate with people around me. I made many new friends with people who came from different countries. My proudest achievement in the ESL program is my poster presentation project, where I presented about the Cultural Revolution in China. I gained a lot of useful information while working on the project and I also managed to interview a philosophy professor at GU.

Finally, thank you to the teachers for everything. I really enjoy the program here.