Carely Cordova Villanueva - Venezuela

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I think the professors make the Gonzaga English Language Center unique. They don’t just teach English and that’s it. They really worry about the students. They try to be open with different cultures. People here are special. I hope the future students get to enjoy the program like I enjoyed it. By being in class with diverse students, I learned from them about cultures. I have a different perspective about the world. I think I am more tolerant to other cultures. In Venezuela, we don’t have these kinds of changes/differences. Now I have friends from Japan, from Saudi, from everywhere. I can understand that people are different, and it’s good. It’s really good to know that others are different and you can still have a relationship with them. I’m tolerant to different religions, mannerisms.

When you can read in another language, you have more possibility to understand other things. You have more information. I think this is an advantage in your career and your life. My spirit here is more than learn English, it’s about having relationship with my classmates, other cultures, and with my professors. It’s more than just learning English. It’s about people. I feel at home here. I think reading English. I never think I can read in English before. Now reading and writing is really good. I love books, and now I can read in English, too.