Eri Shimizu - Japan

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When I came here and took the first communication class, I couldn’t speak anything because every student except me and Daniel could speak a lot. I didn’t know how to respond or participate in the conversations because Japanese conversation is way different from American English conversation. When I speak English, I need to think about follow-up questions and I need to keep talking. In Japan, I didn’t do that because Japanese conversation is very simple.

I had never taken classes with people from other countries. Everyone had different thoughts, religions, and feelings. I learned that there are no answers in this world. If I think there is a correct answer, it might not be the same for the other student. I learned the diversity of thought.

In the ESL program, there are a lot of opportunities to have the chance to improve your English skills and have a good relationship between you and other students. But, if you don’t do your best, you will miss that opportunity. Keep trying to get the opportunity. Also the small class sizes are unique so we can get more attention. When I have a problem, my classmates helped and supported me. They’re so nice.

I think I became more positive and active. Before I came here, I always waited for someone to talk to me. I came here, and I learned that I need to go by myself and be independent. I don’t want to go back to Japan now; I want to stay here. I think I made the right choice coming here.