Nuha Albar - Saudi Arabia

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What I love about the ELC program is that everyone is nice here. All the teachers have their own special way of teaching and most of them are really fun and understanding. Someone asked me about the teachers here, and I told them that this is a good opportunity for you. Focus on the teachers. Try to learn everything the teachers say. Ask them any questions. They are always willing to help.

After completing the ELC program at Gonzaga, I have improved a lot in my speaking skills. At the beginning, I was shy. Now, I am more open about speaking. I did not used to do anything on my own, but now I am independent. I have also improved in my writing and communication with other people. As a result of being in classes with diverse students, I learned a lot about different cultures and political situations. I am also proud of my achievement in my improvement in presenting and writing drafts. I never presented..well maybe twice. However, here, the presentations were different. It was hard for me because I had to read English articles. Some were about politics, and I had to write about it sometimes. It was different. I have never written a draft or researched in English before. I also like how the ELC program focuses on academics in the English language as this is useful for me to complete my Masters.