Ngoc Ba Bao Nguyen - Vietnam

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The ESL program at Gonzaga is very different from other ESL institutions due to various teaching methods in order to help students improve their weakness. For me, I have improved on speaking and listening skill. For my classmates, they learned more about writing and reading skill. The professors are very dedicated and give attention to every individual in class, hoping each of us succeed in learning English. Personally, the final presentation is the most unforgettable moment in this ESL program. With instruction and help from professors, I was able to present a complicated topic – taxes on wealthy class – to other students, professors, and visitors at Gonzaga. This was the first time I learned how to conduct survey and present the collected information to another person.

I am proud of being more open-minded. In class, the students had opportunity to discuss many topics. Through the discussions, I learned more about the world by examining different viewpoints from my peers and professors. As I have said before, the most difficult thing for me was public speaking. However, after the program, I am more confident when presenting in front of the audiences. I think the way I perceive an idea has changed. Since I interact with people coming from different countries, I am more open-minded, critical, and innovative in my thinking process. I can't express my appreciation to my professors in this ESL program. I encourage future students to apply and actively participate in the program in order to achieve success in studying English. The most challenging was to learn from very different perspectives. There are many different countries having different ideology. Listening and having conversation with diverse students is truly thought-provoking. However, I became more opened to new and creative ideas. Also, when working with diverse students, I learned to be adaptable and flexible. This enables me to work with people who come from different backgrounds and have different working styles. I have become so much more confident in my English and have better cultural understanding.