Speak Up

Happy student at Mass at St. Als

Students Promoting Equality, Awareness, & Knowledge: University Progressives.

This club addresses issues the GU campus such as:

  • Safety on campus
  • Lack of diversity of voices
  • Lack of resources for students on campus
  • Gender equality and issues pertaining to male and female gender stereotypes that bind what people are allowed to do; being the true you.
  • Global social issues i.e.: sex trafficking, unsafe child birth, genital mutilation etc.

Club History

Formerly the Women’s Studies Club, we were renamed and revamped in January of 2009.

Some of the activities we have done:

  • Raised funds to donate to the Fistula Foundation and showed a film to raise awareness of this issue
  • Volunteer work at St. Margaret’s Shelter
  • AVADE ® Self-defense workshop
  • Nightmare on Boone: Sexual Assault Awareness
  • Sponsor of Take Back the Night
  • Showing of "Iron Jawed Angels" in celebration of the 100th Anniversary of Women's Suffrage in Washington.

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