Emeritus Faculty

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John Burke, Ph.D.
Washington State University
Professor of Mathematics, Emeritus
Email: burke@gonzaga.edu

Professor Burke taught in Gonzaga's Department of Mathematics for 33 years. In his time here he served in many leadership roles ranging from Chair of the Department of Mathematics to Chair of the University Committee on Rank and Tenure. Dr. Burke has a strong record of publication in the field of mathematics, numerous book reviews and an impressive record of contributions by way of presentations and participation in various conferences at every level - local, regional, national, and international. Of special note in this category was his impact as a presenter and organizer of the West Coast Number Theory Conference.


Bill Carsrud, Ph.D.
University of Oregon
Professor of Mathematics, Emeritus
Email: carsrud@gonzaga.edu

Professor Carsrud retired in 2006 after teaching in Gonzaga's Department of Mathematics for 35 years. He was a clear and rigorous teacher. He published and lectured in his area of statistics and was sought out as a statistical consultant both inside and outside the university. He served on many university and department committees, notably as Chair of two subcommittees for University Accreditation and as a member of the steering committee for that accreditation. Dr. Carsrud continues to sponsor an annual award for outstanding graduating mathematics majors.


John Firkins, Ph.D.
Saint Martin's College
Professor of Mathematics, Emeritus
Email: firkins@gonzaga.edu

Professor Firkins taught at Gonzaga from 1961 to 1998. He championed new methods of teaching mathematics at the elementary and secondary levels of education.  Dr. Firkins served as the Vice-President, East in the Washington State Mathematics Council and served on the Glen Gilbert Award Committee in 1998 and 1999. He was recognized by the Outstanding Educators of America for his work in reshaping the landscape of the classroom and engaging younger students in the joy and reward of problem solving. John received the Distinguished Alumni Award for Professional Achievement from St. Martin's College in 1999.


Gail Nord, M.A.
University of Washington
Associate Professor of Mathematics, Emeritus
Email: nord@gonzaga.edu

Professor Nord taught in Gonzaga's Department of Mathematics for 31 years. One of her greatest contributions was her work in secondary education. She has served as the School of Education Liaison for many years; has multiple peer-reviewed publications in "Mathematics Teacher" and "The College Mathematics Journal"; and, secured multiple education-related grants. Many of these grants helped fund mathematics summer camps for young women and minorities. Gail kept the Department of Mathematics up-to-date on requirements for NCATE accreditation and state teaching certification standards.


John Vander Beek, Ph.D.
Oregon State University
Associate Professor of Mathematics, Emeritus
Email: vanderbeek@gonzaga.edu

Professor Vander Beek was a member of the Gonzaga community from 1985 to 2013. John (along with Dr. Kit Hanes from EWU) organized a regional MAA meeting held at Gonzaga in 1989. A consequence of that meeting was the creation of the Spokane Regional Math Colloquium that ran as a way for instructors across the region to connect and collaborate from 1990 through 2019. John was always there to lend a helping hand whether in the classroom, the department, the university or in the community. He, along with his wife Bev, went to the east coast in the spring of 2013 following Hurricane Sandy to help the hurricane victims rebuild their lives.


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