Department of Communication Studies Student Learning Outcomes

Communication Studies Learning Outcomes

Students graduating with a degree in Communication Studies from Gonzaga University will be able to:

This learning outcome helps “educate students for lives of leadership and service for the common good,” because students must be able to critically evaluate and compose symbolic interventions through written, oral, visual, and other modes of communication. To lead and serve effectively, students must be able to adapt to the needs and challenges of a particular social problem and attend to the unique cultural and political circumstances that influence what that “common good” might be.
Humanistic inquiry methods developed in this learning outcome provide one avenue for students to engage with “knowledge, wisdom, and questions informed by classical and contemporary perspectives.” Specifically, our methodological grounding in the tradition of rhetorical studies (classical) and media and cultural studies (contemporary) provide an exceptional blend of inquiry methods to help students enhance their “reflective and critical thought.” In addition, our critical inquiry methods deepen students’ practice with discernment and innovation.
Studying and reflecting on ethical communication practices will help students foster a “mature commitment to dignity of the human person, social justice, diversity, intercultural competence, global engagement, solidarity with the poor and vulnerable, and care for the planet.” This outcome specifically focuses on developing ethical leadership, service, and civic practices and habits of mind that align with the Jesuit, Catholic, humanistic identity of Gonzaga.
In line with Gonzaga’s mission to “intentionally develop the whole person — intellectually, spiritually, culturally, physically, and emotionally” this learning outcome helps students draw on communication theory and practice to better understand their own identity, values, and commitments.

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