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Gonzaga’s longest running science outreach program, SIA! sent over 134 undergrads into 36 Spokane classrooms & after school clubs, to lead 288 hands-on, inquiry based activities. The after school program was piloted S18 and will be expanded into other SPS Express Afterschool programs.

Science In Action! @ the Salish School of Spokane

“ This was definitely an outlet that made it easier to be involved in the greater Spokane community than I had expected.

The kids were great - from their initial excitement seeing the materials to their growing fascination as the material was really sinking in was super fun to watch.

Now coming away from this semester, I’m sad saying goodbye to all of them, but it was a very fun experience for me and I’m happy my service-learning class made me get involved. ”

- Science In Action! Undergrad Volunteer (S18)

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