Department of Biology Student Learning Outcomes

Gonzaga University
College of Arts and Sciences
Department of Biology
Degree: B.A., B.S. in Biology

The Biology major will be able to:

Apply the process of scientific thinking by

  • reading, evaluating, interpreting, and applying information from the scientific literature
  • designing and carrying out scientific experiments
  • summarizing, analyzing, and drawing conclusions from quantitative and qualitative data

Communicate effectively about scientific ideas

  • to professional and non-professional audiences
  • using a variety of formats, including oral, written, and graphic presentations

Apply the following key biological concepts and principles to novel situations:

  • evolution – the fundamental organizing principle over the whole range of biological phenomena
  • structure and function relationships, across levels of biological organization from molecules to ecosystems
  • information storage, transmission, and utilization within and between all living systems, at all levels of biological organization
  • pathways and transformations of energy and matter that drive the growth and activities of all living things
  • emergent properties of systems result from the interactions and interconnectedness of molecules, cells, organisms, and populations

Demonstrate an understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of the natural sciences and the influence of the natural sciences on contemporary issues in society.

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