Miguel Acosta Loza

Portrait of Andrew Jimenez

2023 Award: Global Scholars Award for Distinction in International Studies
Major: International Relations
Hometown: Quito, Ecuador
Extracurricular activities: I attend GSBA events, play the piano, watch movies in German, explore restaurants in Spokane, and call my family in Ecuador.

More about Miguel

Future plans:

I am planning on attending law school and specializing in international law or intellectual property. I also have a passion for social entrepreneurship and would love to start a company that aims to restore human dignity in the developing world by fighting illiteracy. I would love to bring Ecuadorian products to the American market.

How has your major contributed to your professional or personal development?

International Relations is a multidisciplinary major that has shaped both my personal and professional development. The emphasis on History, Political Science, and Language courses has allowed me to learn more about the international system and immerse myself in different cultures. For instance, my German minor allowed me to travel to Europe for the first time and widen my perspectives. My major also allowed me to travel to Israel for free as a student delegate through the Jewish National Fund. Therefore, I now see myself as a competent facilitator of intercultural collaboration.

What has been your proudest or most significant accomplishment during your Gonzaga career?

My most significant accomplishment has been restoring a strong partnership between GSBA and the Office of Tribal Relations. This relationship has not only provided me with a better understanding of Tribal sovereignty but also has enabled me to advocate for the removal of the name of an abusive priest from one of the gardens on campus and bring Nick Estes, an indigenous activist and scholar, as a guest speaker. This experience has taught me the importance of having a community-centric approach to advocacy, where the most affected groups get to lead the way. "Nothing about us without us."