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2022-2023 Academic Awards

Portrait of Yuchen Huang

2022-2023 Academic Awards

Each year the College of Arts & Sciences recognizes the exemplary work of students across the College. Not only do these students go beyond expectations to demonstrate their commitment to these disciplines, but many of them are also double and triple majors with multiple minors; they’re members of honor societies, they participate in student organizations that put into practice what they’ve learned through their coursework, and they give back to the greater Spokane community by volunteering with local nonprofits.

Students and faculty receiving academic achievement awards were honored on Tuesday, April 25, 2023, at the Academic Honors Convocation. For a full list of student and faculty awards, as well as the event program and video, please visit the Academic Honors Convocation page

Here we have collated these exceptional students’ reflections on impactful moments of their academic careers and how their areas of study have contributed to their personal and professional development. Their responses clearly exhibited each of the values a Jesuit institution strives to develop.

Portrait of Abigail Dodd

Abigail Dodd

Alyssa Bienfang

Alyssa Bienfang

Alyssa Bienfang

Amy Robinson

Portrait of Anisia Khammala

Anisia Khammala

Portrait of Ariana Chin

Ariana Chin

Portrait of Ashton Blair

Ashton Blair

Portrait of Benjamin Gonzales

Benjamin Gonzales

Benjamin Lombardi

Benjamin Lombardi

Portrait of Braden Bell

Braden Bell

Portrait of Brayden Dini

Brayden Dini

Portrait of Brianna Covert

Bri Covert

Portrait of Brianna Covert

Camille Ruhlin-Hicks

Portrait of Carter Bushee

Carter Bushee

Portrait of Dawson Oen

Dawson Oen

Elouise Hollenkamp

Elouise Hollenkamp

Portrait of Emiliano Soto-Romero

Emiliano Soto-Romero

Emily Hunter

Emily Hunter

Portrait of Ethan Bao

Ethan Bao

Portrait of Ethan MacVicar

Ethan MacVicar

Portrait of Gillian Wittstock

Gillian Wittstock

Haley Mayer

Haley Mayer

Portrait of Haylee Pollard

Haylee Pollard

Portrait of Jazmine Newson

Jazmine Newson

Portrait of Kelly Patterson

Kelly Patterson

Kendra Brislawn

Kendra Brislawn

Lillian Parker

Lillian Parker

Portrait of Lily Miller

Lily Miller

Portrait of Luke Martin

Luke Martin

Portrait of Marianne Nacanaynay

Marianne Nacanaynay

Portrait of Mary Browne

Mary Browne

Portrait of Matthew Laramie

Matthew Laramie

Portrait of Maxine Andrea Reyes

Maxine Reyes

Miguel Acosta Loza

Miguel Acosta Loza

Montse Gasca

Montse Gasca

Portrait of Olivia Rollman

Olivia L. Rollman

Parker Coleman

Parker Coleman

Portrait of Peter Kerr

Peter Kerr

Sara Clark playing the bass with the Bulldog Band

Sara Clark

Portrait of Sarah Bradford

Sarah M. Bradford

Portrait of Tara Hollander

Tara Hollander

Portrait of Tatum Ulrich

Tatum Uhlrich

Portrait of Willow Collins

Willow Collins

Portrait of Yuchen Huang

Yuchen Huang

Portrait of Zoe Driml

Zoe Driml