Alexa Andrews, 2020 - Computer Science
I am a freshman transfer student at Gonzaga majoring in computer science. I discovered computer science in my junior year of high school, both through a class and through participation in my school’s robotics team, which had just started that year. I thoroughly enjoyed computer science, so much so that I knew from then on out it would be my major in college. My other passion is animals. My family got our first dog, Sasha, when I was 10. She was a bright, sweet little dog and I had fun teaching her tricks. In seventh grade, she and I got certified as a Pet Partners team. We started volunteering at Ronald McDonald house, and continued up until August 2016 when I left for college. I have a twin sister who I love dearly; originally we went to different universities but I transferred back here after just a semester apart to be with her. I also have a wealth of family in Spokane; aunts, uncles, and my grandparents both live here, and my grandfather also attended Gonzaga. He was so satisfied with his education here that he then worked to have all 7 of his children also attend Catholic institutions for their schooling. My mother also attended Gonzaga for both a bachelor’s degree and a law degree, and now my sister and I hope to be the third generation of Gonzaga graduates in our family. I am very happy with my decision to attend Gonzaga and look forward to the next three years here.

Alexis Legaspi
My name is Alexis Legaspi and I am about to enter my senior (and last) year at Gonzaga. That is one of the hardest realizations. I cannot believe my time here is coming to an end. Within my first three years here, I devoted hours upon hours a week to the Women's Rowing program. And I must take a second to commend my fellow teammates. These women are incredibly hard-working, dedicated, independent, brilliant, supportive, loving—the list is truly endless. I am nothing but thankful for the experiences and opportunities.

Continuing on, I am also an official for Intramurals. This really is the best job on campus. Not only do I get to watch sports, which I love to do, but I also get to interact with so many Gonzaga students.  I also have the chance to interact with Gonzaga students, typically other athletes, during our many community service projects. The Athletic Department, coaches, and teams are incredibly committed to spending time out in the community. The Humane Society, Habitat for Humanity, the Boys' and Girls' Club, diaper drives, book drives, Trunk or Treat—all are opportunities for us to give back to the community for their support and love. 

Gonzaga's commitment to social justice and giving back to the community are two of the main reasons I decided to attend. I am sad my time here is coming to an end, but it will come to an end without any regrets and doubts about how I have spent my last few years. I will forever be grateful, and I cannot wait to carry on the ideals and legacy in the real world.

Alicia Heiser, 2018 - Political Science & International Relations
My name is Alicia Heiser and I am entering my senior year at Gonzaga as a Political Science and International Relations double major with a minor in Spanish. I am currently completing my second semester studying abroad in Valparaiso, Chile, where I have studied the Spanish language as well as Latin American culture and history. Throughout my university career, I have dedicated myself to studies and activities that focus on uplifting marginalized peoples, including getting certified to teach English as a second language as a way to give tangible skills to refugees and immigrants. Other activities I have taken part in at Gonzaga are Model United Nations, Women’s Choir and Concert Choir. One of my favorite things about Gonzaga is the encouragement and support that is given to students to improve the world and dedicate their lives to social justice. After graduation, I hope to devote my career to the protection of marginalized peoples and social justice work, likely working with immigrants and refugees in the United States. While I’m thoroughly enjoying my time abroad, I also look forward to returning to Gonzaga’s campus for my final year and see what GU has in store for me!

Amanda Ford, 2020 - Business Administration
Hi, my name is Amanda Ford, I am a freshman at Gonzaga University. I am currently studying Business Administration and plan to concentrate in Marketing and International Business. Throughout my first year at Gonzaga, I have had the opportunity to practice my passion for photography with Student Publications, be a part of multiple intramural teams, Gonzaga Outdoors, and attend almost every home basketball game. I am excited to carry out my education at GU and to continue being a part of Gonzaga's community, it is a pleasure to be a bulldog.

Andi Clark, 2019 - Business Administration
I am studying Business Innovation with a concentration in Entrepreneurship and I have just finished my sophomore year at Gonzaga University. I am planning to start a double concentration next year, adding Marketing along with Entrepreneurship. In the future, I hope to start my own business involving photography. I recently spent this last semester studying abroad in the Gonzaga-In-Florence program. In Italy, I have learned and experienced so many new things about the culture in which I will never forget. At Gonzaga, I participate with the Club Volleyball Team where we go to several volleyball tournaments at many different universities on the weekends. I also participate in SMILE, where once a week I go to an after school care program at an elementary school to hang out and make crafts with the kids. The two years that I have already spent at Gonzaga has been the most influential and rewarding years I’ve experienced. Receiving one of the Alumni Scholarships will help continue these unforgettable experiences for me at Gonzaga and I am very thankful to be so lucky.

Annica Balentine, 2018 - Psychology & Sociology
My name is Annica Balentine and I am studying Sociology, with a psychology minor and pre-med concentration. After I graduate from Gonzaga, I hope to obtain my MD and also my Master's in Public Health. During my three years at Gonzaga, I have also received the opportunity to conduct sociological research, which I have presented at three conferences and will further pursue during my senior year. My educational experience at Gonzaga has completely opened my eyes to the social determinants of health and I hope to use the knowledge I have gained from my sociology and psychology classes to advocate for increasing healthcare access for traditionally underserved populations. I am so grateful to all of the alumni donors for providing me with the opportunity to obtain such a multi-faceted, social justice-oriented education.

Austin Salvador, 2019 - Business Administration (Marketing)
My name is Austin Salvador and I am a sophomore here at Gonzaga University. I am pursuing a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and a Minor in Leadership Studies. I am originally from Los Angeles, California where I attended Loyola High School. Fun fact: I’m the fourth in my family to attend GU. That being said, I truly love being a zag. Since being at Gonzaga, I have created relationships and learned things about myself that I would not have been able to anywhere else. Gonzaga pushes me to develop myself into the best person I can be and for that I am truly grateful. Balancing time for class, work, fun, and hopefully some sleep is tough but the memories and lessons learned will never be forgotten. Here at Gonzaga, while maintaining a GPA to earn a spot on the Dean’s List, I am also a member of the Comprehensive Leadership Program and have an on-campus work-study position for the School of Professional Studies. When I’m not busy working, however, I enjoy spending my free time exercising, watching sports, and being outside with friends. These first three semesters of my college career have been some of the most exciting and eventful times in my life and I am excited to see what the rest of my college career has to offer me. I am confident that Gonzaga will help me reach both my personal and professional goals and I hope that one day I will be able to help the next generation of Gonzaga students fulfill their dreams as well.

Callen Aten, 2018 - Sociology
I am from Carson City, Nevada and I am entering my final year at Gonzaga University. Although I am heartbroken that I have to leave this place I have come to consider home, I am ecstatic to be applying all that I have learned here to make the world a better place. I am a sociology major with minors in entrepreneurial leadership and solidarity & social justice. I have spent my time at Gonzaga pursuing social justice and leadership. I have enjoyed participating in the SMILE mentoring program, the Justice in January service immersion trip, serving as a Resident Assistant, and leading in the New Venture Lab. I am passionate about helping others and committed to life-long learning. After graduation I hope to attend law school focusing on public interest law.

Drew Mosman, 2019 - Civil Engineering
My name is Drew Mosman and I will be a junior in the Fall of 2017. I am a civil engineering major with an emphasis in structural/architectural design, Class of 2019. I am from Spokane, WA and I have been a Zags fan ever since I can remember. I have been cheering the Zags on with my dad and brother for the past 18 years. I am very grateful for the opportunity to attend Gonzaga University and excited to be a Zag myself now. Over the past two years, I have learned so many things about myself and about what I want to do in the future through my experiences and through some wonderful professors at Gonzaga. I would like to use my passion for creating and designing and making those ideas a reality through my engineering degree and making communities safer and more efficient. I enjoy being involved in the intramural sports at GU, reading, and researching. Thanks to this scholarship opportunity I look forward to becoming even more involved in the Gonzaga community over the next two years.

Emily Davidson, 2018 - Public Relations
My name is Emily Davidson and I’m entering my Junior year at Gonzaga. I’m graduating a semester early in December 2018 with a Public Relations major and minor in Promotions. I’m from Brier, Washington but a lot of my family is from or lives in Spokane. I’m very involved in the Theater and Dance Department as a stage manager and recently was an intern with Student Involvement and Leadership. One of my favorite things at Gonzaga is helping lead orientation weekend. I love helping new Zags and their families learn to fall in love with Gonzaga, just like I did. I was drawn to Gonzaga because of the unique, tight knit community that continues off-campus after you graduate. Everyone at GU is so supportive, friendly, and intelligent. Being a Zag has given me so many opportunities to grow personally and professionally. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!

Emily Ganz, 2019 - Political Science
Emily Ganz is a sophomore at Gonzaga University from Woodinville, Washington. She is a Political Science major and Solidarity & Social Justice minor. At Gonzaga, Emily is involved in the Young Democrats Club, as well as A4SJ, the Advocates For Social Justice Club. She also spends time working with the Partners in Charity Club, which recognizes local non-profits that help the poor and marginalized in the Greater Spokane community. In the future, Emily is considering law school and non-profit work as a career. She will be studying abroad in Florence, Italy for the Fall 2017 semester through the Gonzaga-In-Florence program. She is so grateful for the opportunity to be awarded the Alumni Association Scholarship. It will be put towards her study abroad expenses where she hopes to have the experience of a lifetime.

Emily Lightfoot
My name is Emily Lightfoot and I am a junior nursing student. My entire life I have been a bulldog fan thanks to my parents. My dad, George, graduated in 1989 with a degree in marketing while my mom, Suzy, graduated in 1990 also with a degree in marketing. I can’t begin to explain how life changing my experience here at GU has been. My freshman year I lived in CM and met an amazing group of friends. My sophomore year I moved into an apartment style living space called Sharp House and thought that my college career couldn’t get any better. Now I live on Nora in a house with 9 of my best friends and surrounded by so many other amazing people. I a have also been a part of the GU cheer team throughout college. This year making it to the championship game was unbelievable. The support exhibited the students and alumni by picking up and going to Arizona to support our school shows how much of a family Gonzaga University is. Actual school work has been a little difficult, but having great friends that support and encourage me makes it all worth it. I could go on and on about how great of an experience I’ve had a GU so far. (I’m not sure how exactly to feel about being a senior next year) Thank you alumni association, GO ZAGS!

Emma Leary, 2020 - Business Administration
Coming in as the fourth member of my family to attend Gonzaga University, I had high expectations. I expected to love the campus, the community, and the opportunity offered for spiritual growth. What I did not expect was for my attachment to Gonzaga as a whole to be so immense that I wouldn't want to fly back to my beautiful home island of Kaua'i for the summer simply because I would much rather stay here. "Here" is Gonzaga. "Here" is my home. I cannot imagine what my life would be like if I was not attending this institution. I am so grateful for the opportunities that I have been provided as a student, who's intellectual curiosity never seems to end, and as an artist, who wants to impact the world with one dance move at time.

Evan Cox, 2020 - Civil Engineering
Hello, I am Evan Cox, from Spokane, Washington, and I am a proud recipient of an Alumni Scholarship. I will be going into my second year at Gonzaga as a civil engineering major next fall and I am even more excited than I was coming in for this year. Intramural sports, performances for on-campus events, and Bulldog Band are some of the most fun things I have been a part of so far and I am making lots of incredible memories. My favorite part about Gonzaga is the community. The positivity and generosity of students, staff, faculty, and Alumni has made me very grateful for my decision to come here. Looking forward to three more life-changing years! Go Zags!

Francis Piccolo, 2018 - Economics
Hello, my name is Frankie Piccolo and I’ll be a senior this upcoming Fall 2017 semester. At Gonzaga, I study economics with the intention of pursuing a career in wealth management/investment banking. This upcoming summer I will be interning with U.S. Bank in their wealth management department in Portland, Oregon. Through Gonzaga I have gained valuable tools, experiences, and resources that will aid me in my career. This past year I volunteered with a student organization called CCASL, where I was a mentor for the Boys and Girls Club in Spokane. Once a week my group would spend time at the center and play games with the kids, help them with homework, and participate in arts and crafts. This was a very humbling experience for me to be a part of and reminded me of the importance of giving back to the community and supporting those around us. I am also a member of the Bulldog Investment Group here on campus. This group meets once a week and manages an equity portfolio. We discuss how the markets performed during the past week, future investment ideas, and strategic planning methods. I am also involved with the Transfer Student and Adult Group as an ambassador. My job is to reach out to incoming transfer students and act as a source of contact for any questions they may have. I get them in contact with student groups, professors, and answer any questions that are student specific in order to make their transition to Gonzaga less stressful. I am extremely grateful for this scholarship opportunity and would like to extend my gratitude to those who make this possible. Without the kindness and generosity from the whole Gonzaga community, I would not be able to experience Gonzaga in the way that I have.

John Rosenberger, 2019 - Journalism
My name is John Rosenberger, I am a sophomore studying Journalism. I was born and raised in Seattle and my dad Jim went to Gonzaga so I have always been a big Zag fan. I love the outdoors, especially hiking and rock climbing with my friends. My favorite places to visit are the islands in the Puget Sound and the beaches of the Oregon Coast, but the Spokane River works just fine as well. I love Gonzaga and appreciate the help that I receive to be able to go to school here! Thank you.

Karla Alexandra La Torre Alvarez, 2019 - Civil Engineering
My name is Karla Alexandra La Torre Alvarez, I am originally from Cusco, Peru. My family and I moved to the United States almost seven years ago. I am a civil engineering major in my third year of college. I went to Spokane Falls Community College for my first two years of college, and I transferred to Gonzaga University in the fall of 2016. Ever since I stepped foot on campus I felt like home. I have not felt this way since I moved from my hometown to the States, I can say now that I feel included and that I can express myself with my peers without any problems.

Katherine Wilson, 2019 -  Business Administration (Human Resources)
Hi, I’m Katherine and I am a Junior from Edmonds, Washington. I am pursuing a degree in Business with a concentration in Human Resources. During my time at Gonzaga, I have become involved in a Christian Life Communities group, am a Shift Leader and volunteer for Campus Kitchens, and will be on the leadership team for Gonzaga’s Society for Human Resource Management chapter this coming year. I have had such a great time getting more involved in the Gonzaga community these past two years and cannot wait to see what the next two years have in store for me! Thank you for your investment in me!

Kirsten Fuchs, 2018 Political Science
I am a junior Political Science major about to enter my final year here at Gonzaga. Gonzaga has done nothing but foster my passions and encourage me to grow, affording me opportunities like participating in club sports, publications and other programs. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to go to such an amazing school that wants nothing more than to support me in all that I pursue and has created a second family for me. Gonzaga has become synonymous with home and I could not imagine going anywhere else.

Luke Sparks
My name is Luke Sparks and I will be a Sophomore next fall. My first year at Gonzaga was amazing! I lived in Coughlin this year, and will continue to do so next year, and have met some amazing people. Around campus, I have been involved in my job at the Next Gen Tech Bar, Harry Potter and Dodgeball club, as well as helping UMin with mass and attending retreats. I have enjoyed playing intramurals with the guys and girls that live on my floor in Coughlin, as well as other people that I’ve met around campus. One of the most enjoyable things that I do at GU is my job in IT. I’ve met quite a few people whom I’ve gotten to know throughout the year and I’m even living with one of them next year! Over all, my first year at GU has been amazing and I cannot wait to see what the next 3 years bring.

Madelyn Healy, 2019 - Journalism
Hello! My name is Madelyn Healy and I am a junior from San Diego, California. I am studying Psychology and have picked up a Dance minor on the way. On top of this I am completing my first two years of nursing and plan to apply to an MSN program after graduating Gonzaga. I’ve spent this last year working as a Writing Center tutor as well as being hired as a Sacristan by University Ministry. This coming school year I am very excited to be the third floor RA in Madonna and cannot wait to work with the freshman girls in my hall. I am so incredibly blessed to attend a school where I can pursue an education that also allows me the opportunity to build leadership skills through my extra curricula’s. I have spent these last two years volunteering at the Women’s Hearth and coaching Cross Country at St. Als grade school. I am more than excited, however, to be working with Dance for Parkinson’s this coming year and cannot wait to combine my love for dance with caring for the health needs of others. Every year my mom, sister and I sit down and crunch numbers for my sister and I to pursue college degrees. This scholarship makes those conversations a little less hard and makes my aspirations of attending a graduate nursing program attainable. Thank you Gonzaga Alumni and Go Zags!

Matt Mortimer, 2018 - Accounting
Hello, my name is Matt Mortimer, born in Spokane, I grew up in Central Washington among my two hometowns, Ephrata and Wilson Creek. When I first came to Gonzaga, it felt like home and my heart called me to be a Zag. Although I first intended to study law and public policy in the business school, accounting soon realized itself as a passion. Gonzaga also revealed my passion for entrepreneurship through the Hogan Program and New Venture Lab, which I now manage with other students. After finding avenues to serve myself in my own academic and professional development, I sought ways to serve others. I found the means to do so in Housing and Residence Life as a Resident Assistant and now an Assistant Residence Director. From the joys experienced as well as the challenges overcome in the classroom and the residence halls, I have grown into a strong young man ready to contribute as a Zag should.

Matthew Williams, 2020 - Math
I grew up on the border of Portland and Gresham in Oregon, and the dichotomy between these two towns provides a pretty good description of who I am. On one hand, I maintain some traditional artistic tastes and values in my life, making me more like Gresham with its sprawl of one story buildings which have not been updated in the 2 decades of my lifetime. At the same time, I am an advocate of radical political change and think that the technology revolution has it benefits for people of all ages. At Gonzaga, I am a math major with an entrepreneurship and innovation minor, and I maintain a relatively high level of participation in extracurriculars by participating in Thirst Worship Leadership Band, Homeless Outreach, and National Residence Hall Honorary. In the fall of 2017, I will also be participating in the Experience Leadership Institute, a semester-long leadership program for second year students and working as a Learning Assistant in the Learning Studio. Whenever my time is not taken up by academics or this extensive list of involvements, you can find me curled up in my dorm or Hemmingson writing my novel that I hope to publish one day, watching a movie, or reading a book for inspiration. I hope to have my eyes opened at Gonzaga, and I hope that have more personal growth during each year of my time at GU than the previous year.

Max Peterson

My name is Max Peterson. I grew up on the north side of Spokane and attended Mead High School. I chose to attend Gonzaga, because my father had season tickets for GU basketball when I was young. I always loved going to the games with my family, and I became a die-hard Zags fan! I am currently a junior majoring in finance and I plan to continue my education at Gonzaga University by earning my MBA!

Meghan Leary
I am Meghan Leary, a second generation Zag. I am a junior and a psychology major. I have enjoyed my time at GU so much. I've been in Harry Potter club, HPIC, and NSCS. I have also been in an RA for two years and look forward to one more year of it for next year. Go Zags!

Mikaella Croskrey, 2019 - Computer Engineering
I am currently a sophomore attending Gonzaga to major in Computer Engineering and minor in both Music and Jazz Performance. I was born and raised in the Spokane area and grew up always wanting to go to college at Gonzaga and officially become a Zag. Being part of the GU community has been such a great experience and has provided so many opportunities. Between being part of the Honors Program, studying for engineering classes, and playing in the GU Symphony Orchestra, Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Combos, and Bulldog Band, there is not a lot of free time. However, I am also beginning to become an established professional musician in the Spokane area and regularly perform with the Hot Club of Spokane, Cabaret Jive, and the Croskrey Family as a jazz violinist/fiddler, jazz bassist, and occasionally even a vocalist. During the summer, my activities include spending time with family, boating, water skiing, hiking, and learning new musical instruments. I currently play violin/fiddle, bass, piano, guitar, mandolin, and most recently have been learning trumpet.

Morgan Joyce, 2019 - Sociology & Criminal Justice
I grew up in the Seattle area with 3 older siblings. When I was in elementary school my parents got a divorce and I have lived with my mom ever since. Growing up, my mom has been one of the greatest role models in my life and without her help and guidance I would not be gaining a higher education, let alone end up at Gonzaga. Gonzaga is a very special place to me and I have loved my time thus far. The sense of community here is uncanny and like no other, Zags truly do help Zags. One of my favorite experiences so far has been Mission Possible; being able to learn, discuss, and reflect about social justice issues within our country has been a blessing, especially when it is alongside other GU students. I cannot wait to further my experience by studying abroad in Fall 2017.

Payton Wade
My name is Payton Wade and I am part of the Gonzaga University graduating class of 2020. I am student in the nursing program here at GU. I am also involved in University Ministry, GU’s club volleyball team, and the school Hawaiian Pacific Islander Club. Only being here at Gonzaga for a year now, I have already absolutely fallen in love with the school and the family that I have made here. I am proud to be able to call Gonzaga University my home.

Saij O’Neil, 2020 - Special Education
My name is Saij O’Neil and I am entering my sophomore year at Gonzaga and couldn’t be more excited. Going to Gonzaga has always been a big dream of mine and I couldn’t love it here more. I love the community and the people I’ve met here the most and couldn’t be more thankful to go here. I am a Special Education major with hopes to teach in an elementary school setting before hopefully going on to earn further education in Child Psychology. I’m so thankful to call GU my second home and to be able to receive such an amazing scholarship!

Sophia Troeh, 2020 - Biology
My name is Sophia Troeh and I am going into my Sophomore year here at Gonzaga! I am a Biology major and Psychology minor, pursuing a career as a high school biology teacher. I am from Bellevue, Washington and enjoy swimming, playing softball, hiking and clam digging. Here at Gonzaga, I am a member of the swim club, She’s the First, a senator for GSBA, and a volunteer. My favorite part of Gonzaga is how communal everyone is, and how we are all committed to helping others. The idea of living a life for the service of others is the main thing that drew me here! I’ve had the opportunity to participate in programs like Science in Action! and Mission: Possible, and am looking forward to getting more involved in the upcoming years. I’ve had an amazing time at Gonzaga so far and I am so excited for what the future holds!

Spencer Broden, 2020 - Mechanical Engineering
Hello! My name is Spencer Broden, and I am a mechanical engineering major, class of 2020. When I first arrived at Gonzaga last fall, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’d attended a small high school and was used to attending a school that felt like a family, and did not think that could happen at a school the size of Gonzaga. It took me just a few short weeks to discover that I could not have been more wrong! Gonzaga is more than just my school, it’s my home, and I could not be more thankful that I am fortunate enough to be a Zag! There’s a palpable feeling of friendliness and kindness here, of caring and belonging, of family, and the fact that this prevails in a school the size of Gonzaga speaks volumes to the uniqueness that is Gonzaga University!

In my free time, I manage the non-profit organization I founded in 2014, Time 2 Party! Time 2 Party! provides complimentary, full-on birthday parties for underprivileged children in the Tacoma, Washington area. Additionally, I enjoy working out at the Rudolf Fitness Center, and hanging out with my friends. After I graduate from Gonzaga, I plan to seek a job in the manufacturing industry. I intend to continue running Time 2 Party! as well, with the ultimate goal of expanding it to other parts of the country.