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Congratulations 2015 Graduates!

Several ME students were able to complete their coursework and Graduation Portfolios in time to graduate in the 2014-15 school year and five students traveled to Spokane to attend Gonzaga's Graduate commencement ceremony on May X. Congratulations everyone!


Chad Thoman
Ryan Adams
Sam Chanoski
Marty Gulseth
Amy Fish

Shung Tak Chan       Energie Suriname
Fornelio Foster          Energie Suriname  
Joshua Lankford        Umatilla Electric
Ryan Meller               Norwestern Rural Electric Cooperative
Robert Pancham       Energie Suriname
Claudia Veldkamp     Energie Suriname
James Wallace          Riveria Utilities

2014 Grads Claudia Veldkamp, Robert Pancham, Ryan Meller, Fornelio Forster and Shung Tak Chan wait to enter McCarthy arena for the 2014 Graduate Commence Ceremony
McCarthy McCarthy
TandDgrads We are honored to announce the newest recipients of the Master of Engineering in T&D Engineering. We will miss you!
Program Director, Dr. Peter McKenny (l), and School of Engineering and Applied Science Dean, Dr. Stephen Silliman (2nd from right), congratulate our graduates.

2015 Summer Residency a Success!

Students admitted to the Master of Engineering program must take the TADP 556 capstone course to graduate.  This course includes a two-day, on-campus residency component which was held on May 19-20 this year. The instructors were pleased with the turn-out and great work from everyone.  Students came from as far as Namibia, Africa and Suriname, South America for the course.  

The residency was once again paired with the Annual T&D Meeting so students were able to meet T&D faculty from various courses in the program, tour the campus, work on team projects, and participate in ethics and strategic planning/system thinking sessions. 

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2015 Admits!

It was another busy year for the Admissions Committee.  The program admitted XXnew students in school year 2014-15. Congratulations students!

Zachary Starkey, Vectren, BSE, University of Southern Indiana
Amie Fish, Easton, BSEE, University of Pittsburgh
Kassahun Aschenaki, SNC Lavalin, BSEE, Washington State University
Ryan Adams, DiGioia Gray and Assoc., BSCE, Arizona State University
Jing Li, SaskPower, ME, University of Regina, Canada
Nathaniel Teeter, Oncor Electric, BSEET, Texas Tech University
Emily Stallman, Rocky Mountain Power, BSEE, Arizona State University
Dallas McClain, Console Energy, BSEET, California University of Pennsylvania
Wail Abu-Rashed, Chrysler Canada, BEE, Lakehead University; MSEE, Kettering

We are currently accepting registrations for Fall 2015 courses. New students may begin the registration process by filling out a non-matriculated registration form and send to:

Jilliene McKinstry
School of Engineering and Applied Science
Gonzaga University

502 E. Boone Ave.
Spokane, WA  99258-0026
Phone: 509-313-5701
Fax: 509-313-5871
email: mckinstry@gonzaga.edu

Peter McKenny, PhD
Transmission and Distribution
Phone: (509) 313-5702
Email: mckenny@gonzaga.edu

Jilliene McKinstry
Assistant Director
Transmission and Distribution
Phone: (509) 313-5701
Email: mckinstry@gonzaga.edu