EE & CPE 4 - Zigbee Radio System

Student Team: Dean Stensrud, Paul Adams, Jack Barrett, Philip Evander, Jordan Hockensmi, David Jones, Ashley Meredith, Charles Yamashiro
Advisor: Dr. Steven Schennum

    Our team was assigned to deliver a User’s Manual for implementing a software defined radio (SDR) in Gonzaga University’s Smart Antenna Radio Laboratory (SARL).  As a vehicle and example our team programmed, integrated, and tested two SDRs in an end-to-end link.  The SDR contains radio frequency hardware and digital signal processing components conducive to radio technology development within the SARL.  Our team’s manual covered all aspects of our radio reference design, tools and processes required to duplicate and develop new designs. The output of this project serves as a foundation for future Senior Design projects within the SARL to support local industry.

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