Mechanical 8 - Part Handling System

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Student Team: Skyler Trimpler, Kevin Roberts, Mark Viger, Matthew Eastman, Sue-Jean Choi
Advisor: Brent Fales
Sponsoring Organization:  United Technologies Aerospace Systems    
Liaison: Curt Russell/Josh Fort

Project Background:

Current process consists of machining of Carbon Disk Brakes on manually loaded CNC lathes.  We want to implement semi-automated part load/unload into the existing machining cell.

Project Goal:

GU team will deliver specification package with recommendations for an automated loading/unloading and inspection system for the CNC lathe machining cell.  Labor Cost and Environmental, Safety and Health concerns are the key drivers for deploying this system.

Project Deliverables:

1. Safety Concerns (ergonomics, machine guarding interlocks, robot-human operator interface)

2. Part Loading/Unloading (Automated/Semi-automated)

3. Part Measuring (CMM/SPC/discrepant product  identification, control charts)

4. Layout (concept, animation, specifications and drawings)

5. Part staging / recognition coming into machining cell (bar code scanning, part identification and tracking, load and unload)

6. TAKT Time requirement: 6 min/part (current machining cycle)

7. Ability for single Operator to run multiple semi-automated work cells

8. Detailed supplier selection, equipment specifications and associated costs     

Project Management and Communication Expectations:

Project Plan, scheduled updates, Final Presentation of Design

Project Research:

Team must be completely familiar with current cell operation prior to starting concept design.  Spokane Carbon Operations personnel will provide resources, time and guidance on current cell operation to the GU Team. 

See deliverables for more specifics.

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Contact Information

Academic Director:
Toni Boggan
Phone: 509-313-3913

Faculty Director:
Steven Zemke
Phone: 509-313-3554

502 E. Boone Avenue
Spokane, WA 99258-0026
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