Mechanical 4 - Pressure Transient Testing

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Student Team: Duncan Howard, Sarah Talbot, Danielle Mathews, Ian Shioyama, David Zietz
Advisor: Mike Keegan
Sponsoring Organization:  The Boeing Company    
Liaison: Tom Wilson/Jim Alvarado

Project Background:

Hydraulic systems in aircraft experience pressure transients which may be detrimental to hydraulic tubes and components. Hydraulic accumulators are put into the system to absorb these pressure transients. Students will design and build a test stand to simulate hydraulic pressure transients seen on Boeing aircraft. After the test stand is assembled the students will perform testing to measure the actual pressure transient performance of hydraulic accumulators.  

First the students will design and build the test stand which will use water representing aircraft hydraulic fluid. They will then run multiple tests and record the data using data acquisition software. At the end of the testing a final test report will be submitted.  

Project Goal:

Determine the actual pressure transient performance of commercial aircraft hydraulic accumulators.

Project Deliverables:

Mid-Year- Test stand is built and ready for testing. Mid-year report to be submitted

Year End – Testing is finished with a final test report.    

Project Management and Communication Expectations:

Students shall keep a schedule in MS Project (or equivalent software) with milestones and deliverables clearly outlined. Boeing/GU meetings will be held bi-weekly or as needed. Students will status their progress every week through an informal email.  

Project Research:

Students should have a general understanding of fluid dynamics and basic hydraulic system architecture. Boeing will help students gain the necessary knowledge about hydraulic systems. 

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