Mechanical 15 - Rack & Pinion Conveyor System

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Student Team: Braxton Garrett, John Cogswell, Noel Younger, Brian Thomas, Ross Anderton
Advisor: Nathan Ray
Sponsoring Organization:  FLSmidth Material Handling North America (FLSMHNA)    
Liaison: Scott Nance

Project Background:

The development of a rail drive system for a Tripper Conveyor has the capabilities to run along a flat ground. However the ability for such a drive system to transverse along inclinations is very limited and becomes nearly impossible once moisture is introduced into the equation. FLSMHNA wants to develop a Rack and Pinion drive system, which incorporates the current rail system. The cogged wheel system must have the capability to alternate drive wheels while crossing connection points along the bridge frame, where the cog will disengage and re-engage a pinned rack. 

Project Goal:


Project Deliverables:

Develop a cogged wheel drive system, which incorporates current rail drive system. Develop desired logic required in the case of the cogged wheel crossing bridge frame connection points. Provide simulation with detailed drawings of developed cogged wheel drive system. Incorporate necessary hand calculations using MathCad. The strategy for, and settings/program of the VFD controlling the traction motors should be developed.

Project Management and Communication Expectations:

At project start up the team will need to negotiate the final deliverables and project scope with the liaison engineer.

Develop a schedule that accomplishes the desired task described above. Select day and time to meet once a week, which is to update with liaison with progress. Maintain weekly meeting minutes and create task list, which reflects meeting minutes. 

Project Research:

Rack and Pinion options, drive system incorporations


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