Mechanical 14 - Boiling Cold Plates

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Student Team: Obadiah Schwartzel, John Sousa, Greg Hutchinson, Ryan Kellogg
Advisor: Bob Stiger
Sponsoring Organization:  Parker Aerospace    
Liaison: Andy Johnston   


Project Background:

Parker Aerospace Thermal Management Systems designs and manufactures liquid cooled system solutions for high performance electronics in harsh environments.  Current methods to distribute the flow from a single large two-phase supply inlet to numerous small boiling channels are analytically labor intensive, costly, and have poor accuracy.  A test fixture that measures the thermal performance differences resulting from various methods to distribute two-phase flow to boiling channels is desired.

Project Goal:


Project Deliverables:

1.     Project plan delineating milestones, deliverables, and working budget (first month).

2.     Results of literature search with a goal of 20 new applicable papers summarized and presented to Parker (prior to mid-semester 1). Literature search should be approximately ¼ of project effort. 

Focus of literature search:

a.     Existing applicable methods to distribute two phase flow

b.     Flow distribution test setups and methods

3.     Minimum of four fundamental methods to distribute two phase flow will be presented.  Thermal and structural analysis and design of test fixture to verify a minimum of two methods shall be complete and machined parts and sensors shall be on order (end of first semester). Design and analysis should be approximately ½ of project effort.

Key criteria to select design methods in order of importance

a.     Heat transfer coefficient and mass fraction of vapor experimental uncertainty

b.     Ability to test different geometry with minimum of new parts

c.     Ability to measure pressure drop

d.     Ease of use

e.     Safety

4.     Working prototype of design (by mid semester two).  

5.     Test results summary report and recommendations, compare prototype data to data found during literature search (by project completion). Testing and reporting should be approximately ¼ of project effort.  

6.     Design documentation including, uncertainty analysis, 3D models and 2D drawings of design concepts (by project completion).

Project Management and Communication Expectations:

1.     Action item list will be maintained weekly.

2.     WBS and schedule from start to finish of project shall be updated twice monthly.

3.     Monthly meetings with sponsor.  Meeting in early portion of project will be weekly.

4.     Status reports weekly.

Project Research:

Research existing applicable methods to distribute two phase flow.  Literature review should capture the state of the industry, fixture design, and testing techniques.  Parker can provide some literature, but additional research is required.

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