Mechanical 11 - Benin Groundwater Modeling

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Student Team: Cillian Wing, Connor McGregor, Jessica Bladow
Advisor: Dean Stephen Silliman
Sponsoring Organization: Gonzaga University
Liaison: Stephen Silliman

Project Background:

Increasing levels of salinity (salts) have been found in certain wells in the Godomey well field region of Benin, Africa.  This is a worrisome find, and as such, this project will work towards determining the possible sources of this salinity.

More specifically, this project will focus on analyzing previously collected pressure response and chemical data which will be used to calibrate the current subsurface conceptual models. In order to analyze this data, team members will receive training in GMS (Groundwater Modeling System) and MATLAB. 

Project Goal:

The objective of this research project is to use numerical methods to calibrate and analyze the current conceptual models in conjunction with the previously collected data. 

Project Deliverables:

The current 2D subsurface models will be converted into 3D models.  These 3D models will then be calibrated using the pressure response and chemical data.  Finally, these models will be analyzed to determine the sources of water for the wells in the Godomey well field.     

Project Management and Communication Expectations:

Weekly group meetings will be conducted, and a WBS and schedule will be created to more clearly denote the roles of each team member.

Project Research:


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