Mechanical 10 - Belt Feeder

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Student Team: Estefen Luna, Ben Meyer, Mark Dolinar, Kevin Elliot
Advisor: Andy Johnston
Sponsoring Organization:
  FLSmidth Material Handling North America (FLSMHNA)    
Liaison: Scott Nance

Project Background:

Due to the nature of bulk material handling FLSMHNA, discrete element modeling (DEM) is a requirement. Liggghts is an open source DEM program, which can be used to model granular material flowing through transfer points and feeders. FLSMHNA want to develop an analysis of a feeder using this software. 

Project Goal:

The goal is to end up with a parameter driven model of a Belt Feeder and Apron Feeder which can be used by project designers and engineers to design and analyze feeders as required.

Project Deliverables:

Set-up an initial Liggghts program within a Windows operating system (OS). Develop initial basic DEM model with instructions, which could be simulated for demonstration. Develop a semi-advanced DEM model, which incorporates a belt feeder model. Train FLS designers and engineers to use this design tool. 

Project Management and Communication Expectations:

At project start up the team will need to negotiate the final deliverables and project scope with the liaison engineer.

Develop a schedule that accomplishes the desired task described above. Select day and tame to meet once a week, which is to update liason with progress. Maintain weekly meeting minutes and create task list which reflects meeting minutes. 

Project Research:

CODE, Instructions for developing program

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