EE & CPEN 6 - The Fishbox

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Student Team: Sam Cutler, George Dickinson, Tabeel Jacob, Will Kurtz
Advisor: Tait Carroll
Sponsoring Organization: Spokane Tribe of Indians Lake Roosevelt Fisheries Program
Liaison: TBD

Project Background:

The Lake Roosevelt Fisheries Program with the Spokane Tribe of Indians runs a collarborative effort to protect and restore a robust fishery within Lake Roosevelt. One aspect of this collaboration is a reservoir wide creel program that moniters and evaluates angler catch success rates. We currently use a creel model specifically developed for a limited budget and available man hours. The "Fishbox" idea was born out of a desire to increase data collection in a more affordable and angler friendly method that would provide wider coverage of the 600+ shoreline miles of Lake Roosevelt.

Project Goal:

The team will design and build a prototype of an energy harvesting treadmill. The harvesting may use piezoelectric chips or other generation technologies to produce electric power. A method for storing and/or conditioning the harvested energy for other uses will also be part of the project. Success for the project will measured primarily using the following objectives:
• Develop a business plan to bring the harvesting treadmill to the wider market.
• Explore multiple options for harvesting and conditioning of power.
• Build a proof of concept prototype and/or test best for the selected technologies.

Project Deliverables:

1. Project plan with milestones and deliverables (30 days).

2. Characterization of currently available technology and opportunities for scaling and integration.

3. Additional design concepts that could improve data collection and reduce energy requirements.

4. Design documentation and drawings.

5. Working prototype of design (pending budget approval)

Project Management and Communication Expectations:

1. WBS and schedule from start to finish. Updated monthly by the 15th and 30th.

2. One (1) visit to the Spokane Tribal Fish Hatchery and potential creel box siting location (1-day).

3. Monthly in-person sponsor meetings at Gonzaga University

4. Weekly conference call for updates and questions/answer sessions.

Project Research:

The Lake Roosevelt Fisheries Program will provide team members with Numbered, Project Notebooks for all data recording, project notes and record keeping. Original notebook will be returned to the LRFP upon project completion, however, copies may be kept on file at GU.

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Contact Information

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Faculty Director:
Steven Zemke
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