Mechanical 9 - Oxy-PAN Splicing

Student Team: Beck Fritzsche, Greg Fedirko, Jacob Wright
Advisor: Tait Carroll
Sponsoring Organization:
 UTAS (United Technologies Aerospace Systems)
Bryce McKeirnan, Jesse Delanoy

Building off of a previous project that developed a Double Bobbin System for huge rolls of polyacrylonitrile at United Technologies: Aerospace Systems, the ME-09 team was tasked with researching, designing, and building a prototype that splices rolls of this fabric together. Because of tight space requirements, the team and customer opted for a mobile, non-automated system. The ME-09 team has developed a process accompanied by a cart system to aid in the procedure. The process developed will be thoroughly tested for maximum efficiency and any potential chances of misinterpretations. The goal is to provide United Technologies: Aerospace Systems with the optimal process and necessary tools for splicing polyacrylonitril rolls together.


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